Im trapped in the water temple?

  1. I thought I had done every thing in the water temple all the way up to the boss door but I didnt realise I had no boss key, I looked on the map and seen that on the bottom level (level 1) there was 2 chests unopened and a small area unexplored. I went on my merry little way to this area and realised that 1 entrance to the area was in the room with the dragon statue and the place I needed to go was to high and there is no visible way to get up there. I then proceded to the other entrance of this area in the room where the bolders go down the wirlpools, and went all the way around the rooms untill I found myself under where 1 of the bolders comes out in the far right of the room, I put on my boots an went down the hole there and it took me to a locked door that I need a small key for. The only problem is that I used all my small keys and the small key I need is in 1 of the 2 chests behind this locked door and there is no other chests or keys in the temple, nor is there another way into the area that holds these chests. I would continue on without it but the boss key is in 1 of the 2 chests also. Please help me. I am worried that ill have to delete my file and start again from scratch.

    User Info: blairwhitaker

    blairwhitaker - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In this very moment I've just solved the exact same problem you're having(After hours and hours of exploring every inch of the temple.) It's laughingly simple. The room where you got the upgraded Longshot(after Dark Link) has a block behind it which we both surprisingly have missed. The block disappears using the ocarina. I can swear it wasn't there when I opened the chest. Anyways Hope that helps.

    User Info: Eltimas

    Eltimas - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Unfortunetly I don't remember what I did, but I had this exact same problem, so don't worry about deleting your file. In the room with the dragon, there is a switch in its mouth you can hit with the hookshot. Just keep trying, I promise you won't have to start over.

    User Info: elitepeach

    elitepeach - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Are you sure that in the whole dungeon, there is only 2 chests left? in the same room? what you're sayin doesnt add up. why would the small key you need to open the last locked door be locked in the room you need to open? look at your map again, look at all the floors, make sure you didnt miss a orangish speck on one of the dungeon floors. if you notice one on your map, go to that area. if its not where it should be, then obviously ther is a secret switch, eye or crystal you need to shoot/push. keep exploring, the gamemakers made sure the water temple incompletion glitch on the n64 version was removed from the 3ds version.

    User Info: skipz55

    skipz55 - 5 years ago 0 0

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