Where can you find the bomb bag?

  1. To buy a bomb you need a bomb bag.

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    zoroark7 - 6 years ago

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  1. Just complete Dodongos cavern; the Bomb bag is found in there. Until then you'll have to use bomb flowers

    User Info: psychopenguin77

    psychopenguin77 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Pretty simple head into dodongos cavern once you get it open if you havent done that yet then you must head over to goron city and claim the things that let you pick up bombs from the flowers if you havent figured out that yet simply play by the door at the bottom of goron city by a door thats locked play zeldas lullaby and then play sarias song to the goron then exit goron city and blow open dodongo cavern then enter and go to the right side i belive and keep walking around them areas till you find it good luck!

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  2. Progress through Dodongo's Cavern untill you run across it. You really can't miss it.

    User Info: Zero_Maniac

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  3. first make sure your in dondogos cavern now lets skip ahead , after you encounter TWO Lizalfos for the SECOND TIME and have defeated them ( the Lizalfo(s) look like a lizard with arms and legs , stand on two feet , and are armored plus have a chop attack with a sword . ) then go to the room with the little lizards called Baby Dondogos that pop out of the ground hit once it will then explode kill them all , then take one of the two statues holding shields swords and has horns and put it on switch then go through the door, then you encounter Dondogos , watch out for fire breath hit tail avoid repeat until it starts moaning it will explode , then make sure you kill all of them then take a deku stick and light from torch , light other torches go through door , go and step on switch now go to other side where door was locked now enter , their is a large wall with bomb flowers take lone bomb flower and set in middle it explodes making stairs then go to room with statues i advise having hyland sheild then kill bats , only touch the statue near latter or else they attack ,move it step on switch go through door know get to where i mentioned lizalfos go through door hit eye then other eye to cross go through then go straight chest their

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