How do I get into the forest temple? I think I'm stuck..

  1. So after I got the Hookshot I went to the woods and played Saria's Song for Mido. But when I got to the forest meadow it was completely empty and looked the same as last time I was there. I've read walkthroughs that say the meadow is supposed to be full of monsters, but in my game there arn't any. I'm not sure if I've missed something or what, but I don't know what to do from here.
    Any help would really be appreciated.

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    IcePotash - 5 years ago

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  1. The Meadow is actually not JUST the part where the warp pad is and Saria used to be. The Meadow was the maze leading up to it too. That's where it was talking about when it said "full of monsters," but the specific place where Saria used to be doesn't have any enemies.

    Regardless, you got there, and likely got the warp song from Sheik. The entrance to the Forest Temple is right there above your head. Use the Hookshot on the tree to get up on that platform and you're in.

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  1. First find your way through the maze between the Meadow and the Forest Temple(find the way to it by going toward the exit then take a right up the ledge and through the tunnel). Be careful in the maze cause there are huge guards all around it. Once you get through the maze, there will be a huge version of the guards blocking the temple. Kill him by avoiding his blows then attack with your sword. To get in the temple use the Hookshoot to grapple onto the tree above the pathway. and your in.

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  2. Ok, after you get through Lost Woods, you get into the Sacred Meadow, as you well know. from there go through the maze. if there are no big armored monkey-like guys in the maze, good for you. If there are big armored guys in the maze, then wacth out: you can not kill them with your sword. you HAVE to shoot them in the BACK with the HOOKSHOT. Once you get through the Sacred Meadow Maze, go up the steps. There should be a giant one of those armored guys, but with a club. Once you get the bow, this guy is easy, but without it he's sort of tough to get close to. What you need to do to kill him is dodge the earth spikes he sends at you, then hit him with your sword 3 times, and he should die. after you have finished him off, go up the last of the steps, and there should be the warp pad, and you will see Shiek. She will teach you the Minuet of Forest, which allows you to warp right to that exact spot, anytime you want. anyways when Sheik is gone, look opposite of the way you came, and then look up. you should see a tree branch hanging over some broken steps. Hookshot that branch and you should land on those stairs. walk up to the door and go in, and you are in the Forest Temple! I hoped I helped! (oh, and by the way, you MUST be ADAULT Link to use the Hookshot and get the Minuet of Forest.)

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  3. Make sure your adult link and if there's no monsters it's ok go through the maze and use the hookshot on the branch on the tree walk in and BOOM your in.

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