How do I get the gold spider token at zoras domain area?

  1. i have one gold spider token left to find and he is giving me the slip and cannot freaking find him? Where in the bloody blazes is he? Not specified Time.

    User Info: cdbum

    cdbum - 5 years ago

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  1. Your likely missing the skulltula that's in Zora's fountain. To find it You have to have the Silver gauntlets and pick up the boulder by the Great fairy entrance in the back, of the area, but I'm going to list them all cause I'm nice.

    Zora's river - Child
    - theres a skulltula in the tree.
    - At the end of the area by the waterfall theres one on the later
    - Adult:
    - There's a platform that has a ladder leading up it, there's two hole entrances on top, There should be a skulltula on the area's wall.
    - Towards the end of the area There a bridge. On the end of the bridge closest to the waterfall, look up and the one above you on the wall.

    - Zora's domain
    - The only one here is at the top of the waterfall, where the diving game used to be, Gotta be an adult.

    - Zora's fountain
    - On the log sticking out of the water theres a skulltula on the wall.
    - Towards the back by the great fairy entrance there one in the tree.
    - And I've already told you the last one's location.

    If your still having trouble PM me and I'll help you out.

    User Info: Austyn158

    Austyn158 - 5 years ago 2 0

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