In the lost forest what song do you need to sing?

  1. In the lost forest what song do you need to sing

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    EMOBOY1011 - 5 years ago

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  1. it depends on who you need to play the song to and what point of the game your at but you need Sarias song in 2 instances, The song is obtained as a kid out the front of the forest temple which is past the lost forest

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  1. I suppose Saria's Song.

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  2. you are supposed to play saria's song or minut of the forest L A X Y X Y.

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  3. To the Skullkid for the Heart, who then give the Skull mask to: Saria's Song. RYX RYX...

    The next place where melodies are a must is as a kid the two Skullkids opposite of the one above.
    They play songs at random the length of which increase twice. Is for a Heart then after you get Red rupees.

    As an Adult you play Saria's Song to Mindo to get him to gto.

    As an Adult the 'warp' song you learn where you learnt Saria's Song you learn the Minute of Forest.
    (past the above song for Mindo)

    I know of no other Lost WOODS locations.

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  4. You need to play the song you learned after you left the village for the first time.
    To the boy in the lost forest and you need to stand on the stump right in front of the boy with the mask.

    I hope this helps.

    User Info: StarFox-McCloud

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