How EXACTLY is ganondorf killed in the child timeline at the end of the game?*MAJOR SPOILERS*

  1. I understand how he is killed as an adult but how is he killed in the child timeline.

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  1. Ganondorf never died in Ocarina of Time in either timeline. In the adult timeline, he's sealed away and doesn't die until the WInd Waker.

    In the child timeline, Zelda sends Link back to the past and he warns young Zelda about Ganondorf, which then she tells here father. As such Ganondorf is sent to be executed. This is explained in Twilight Princess. The sages try to execute Ganondorf by impaling him but just before that the Triforce of Power is given to him randomly by the gods, explained in the game as a "divine prank" but the sword he was impaled with still leaves a weak spot in Ganondorf. As such Ganondorf breaks out of his chains and kills the Water Sage. Before he can do anything else, the sages send Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm using the Mirror of Twilight. Around the time the events of Twilight Princess take place, Ganondorf breaks out with the help of Zant, who Ganondorf promises power if he can break them out. So basically Zant overthrows the current Twilight Princess, Midna and launches an invasion of Hyrule. Link teams up with Midna and the eventually find 3 of the 4 pieces of the Mirror of Twilight (which broke when Zant tried to destroy it) and the Fused Shadows, which give Midna her power. After this Midna presumably kills Zant and she and Link head to Hyrule Castle. When they reach Ganondorf, he possesses Zelda but Link defeats him. Then he transforms into Ganon, which Link defeats again. Midna tries to kill Ganondorf but is thought to be killed (though she actually survives). Then Ganondorf and his men charge towards Link and Zelda on horseback but Zelda teleports herself and Link and then asks the 4 light Spirits (Ordona, Faron, Eldin and Lanayru) who each represent each province in Hyrule of the same name to create the Light Arrows which can stun Ganondorf. Link fights Ganondorf and his men on horseback while Zelda fires Light Arrows at Ganondorf so he will be stunned and vulnerable to sword attacks. After the fight, Ganondorf falls off his horse and surrounds himself and Link in an impenetrable barrier where they fight each other in a 1 on 1 sword battle. Link knocks Ganondorf to the ground and then performs a fatal blow with the Master Sword. The Triforce of Power then leaves Ganondorf, and he sees an image of Zant cracking his neck and Ganondorf's pupils disappear, presumably killing him. Although he dies while standing with the Master Sword still in him, the scene ends there and cuts off to Link and Zelda looking for Midna.

    Although there's a SLIGHT chance he survived, it's unlikely due to what Ganondorf says:

    "Do not think it ends here....the history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"

    This shows that he probably knew he was going to die and that his reincarnations would continue his job. Also, Four Swords Adventures is after Twilight Princess in the official Child Timeline and another Ganondorf is born. So unless a game is between them in the future, he's dead.

    Although you said exactly, this was probably WAY too much info than what you wanted and you might of already played TP but oh well.

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  1. I've never really learnt the answer (which may not exist), but I always assumed that he was removed from the timeline of ordinary Hyrule by the Sage's magic. Also, he technically isn't dead, but sealed off.

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  2. You find out what happens in Twilight Princess. However long story short, he is not killed but sealed away in the Twilight realm by the sages.

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