Glitches, fixed and remaining?

  1. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what glitches still work and which don't? More specifically I was attempting to do the Uber Challenge however I am unable to pull off the Golden Scale early trick. Has this been fixed if not what is the proper method? If it has been fixed then is there a revised "Uber Challenge"? Or should I just give up and play normally?

    User Info: Chaosdagger

    Chaosdagger - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's been fixed and there is no revised Uber Challenge. No one has found a way to do this again yet. I'd say do it normally. Also if it makes anything help you can glitch a bomb in the fishing place by equipping a bomb to your items (keep switching the bomb to Y button and X til it works) and press the bomb button you set it to and time it just right when you unpause the game, you can plant a bomb. Put the bomb right in front of you and cast your line beforeit explodes. When it does hurt you, you can move around with your line still cast. Exit the place without picking your line back up. this will make you leave with the fishing pole. You can go back in, talk to the manager and say you dont want to fish, go back out. Now you have the hands holding an invisible pole and (i think) you can draw forth a stick with the b button.

    User Info: Awesomer1

    Awesomer1 - 5 years ago 0 0

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