Horse when and Where?

  1. Last time i saw my freind playing this game he had a horse, and i just wanted to know Where i Can get a horse? Anyone please answer?

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  1. You get the horse, known as Epona, at Lon Lon Ranch (located somewhat in the center of Hyrule Field) when you're an adult.

    When you claim the Master Sword and become an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link and talk to Ingo (the jerk) running the ranch. Pay him some Rupees and ride a couple of times (be sure to find Epona by playing Epona's melody on the Ocarina). Eventually, when you talk to him (while you're mounted on the horse), he'll challenge you to a race.

    Beat him in the race, and he'll challenge you again. Win that (conserving you carrots cautiously), and he'll let you keep the horse (though Mr. Scrooge will lock you inside the ranch). Simply use Epona and hop over the gate with a full-throttled run!

    Prior to that, though, you HAVE to go to Lon Lon Ranch first as a child and learn Epona's Song. Here's a quick reference:

    After you clear your the first Dungeon (Inside the Deku Tree), and acquire the Ocarina from Saria, head to Hyrule Castle. After you wake Talon (the sleeping-milk-man) with the Cucco Malon gives you (from Hyrule Castle's entrance), he'll run off. As this happens, Malon and Talon will return to ranch. Just make sure you meet Princess Zelda inside the castle first and learn your new song (you'll have to sneak in past the gaurds).

    Now, as child, go to the ranch and talk to Malon (in the middle of the ranch field). Talk to her a couple times and she'll begin discussing about her mother. Equip your Ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.

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  1. Oh, and make sure you have enough Rupees, because the race will be wagered for 50 Rupees (plus an additional 20 for both ride sessions).

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  2. As an Adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch, and pay Ingo to ride a horse. Play Epona's Song and call her to you. Ride her for the duration and then pay to ride again; call Epona by playing her song, and get on her. Talk to Ingo while on Epona; and he'll challenge you to race betting 50 Rupees on it. In the first race just use a few carrots to get a lead at the start, then use a keep going using all but your last carrot. You should win. Then challenge him again, this time he will bet 50 rupees and Epona on the race. In this one he will cheat; he will start just a second before he says go. So, what you do is use about all but two carrots, and get in front of him. STAY IN FRONT OF HIM AND DON'T LET HIM GET AROUND YOU, (I cannot stress that enough) then no matter how much he tries to speed up he can't pass you. After you win this race, he will give you the horse, but try to lock you in the ranch. So just turn Epona around and ride towards a fence in the back, use a carrot and jump it to freedom. Now she's your horse and you call her from any where in Hyrule Field by playing Epona's Song.

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