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"A must have 3DS game"

As most people are aware, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a video game classic that made a huge impact on the industry. While this game is a remake (or enhanced port, whatever you wish to call it) of that game, I feel that it is better to judge the game by completely new merits and not compare it to the original. This is for two reason, the first being that there are people who have not played the game before and this will be there first time experiencing Ocarina of Time. The second reason is that we are in an entirely new period of video games. Without further explanation, the review itself.

The first thing one will notice when beginning a game is the graphics. In this regard the game is only slightly above average. While there are several areas of the game that look pretty there is nothing amazing. Compared to some future 3DS games, this game also falls short. That being said, graphics are only one aspect of a game and the graphical quality of this game does more than enough to get the job done. On the 3D side the effects are actually quite good and make a noticeable difference.

The next aspect that would be noticed is the music and audio. This is where the game starts to shine a little more. One of the key aspects of the game is playing the ocarina and many of the songs that you learn an memorable and enjoyable. The music of the game also does a good job of setting the mood, whether you are in a ranch or inside a monster infested cavern.

Game play is where a game is really scored, however, and that is where this game gains some ground. This game follows the typical Zelda formula of going to from the field, to the dungeon, to the boss, and back to the field. While the formula itself is stale, the game play is anything but. You start off your adventure finding a sword and a shield but along the way you gain other items like a slingshot, boomerang, a bow, magic, and more. The dungeons themselves are fun as well, which each one feeling distinct and having a unique theme. Outside of dungeons there are some side quests you can do. There are items to collect such as heart containers (which give you more health) and Gold Skullutas (which you can trade in for rewards). The game has more than enough to keep you occupied for several hours.

A key component of game play are the controls. You mostly will be using the slider pad to move, the B button for your sword, and the X and Y buttons for two of your items. In addition you can assign to more items to the right-hand corners of the touch screen while on the left hand side you can speak to your in game assistant or toggle to a first person camera to look around as well as access your ocarina . On the bottom of the touch screen you can access your sub-menus which include your gear menu, map menu, and item menu. The controls feel natural and lends itself well to the game.

When it comes to plot the game, while nothing spectacular, is interesting and keeps the story going while engaging the player. The game itself will take around 10 hours, more if you have not played the original like I have and do no know what to do next. Fortunately for those new to the game there is a system in place that shows the player "Visions" of points there are stuck at so they know what to do.

This is definitely a game that all 3DS owners and Zelda fans should buy or, at the very least, rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/11

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (US, 06/19/11)

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