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"Perfection in the Palm of your hand..."

What can one really say about one of the greatest game's of all time being remastered for a handheld with better graphics than it's predecessor?

First off this is my favorite game hand's down and yes I have played other game's over the year's, I own other consoles and I also didn't care for the Gamecube port, this is something to write about This is not just a lazy port!

Graphics:10 It feels like a console game for a portable oh wait it is! but better it doesn't even resemble a Nintendo 64 game to me. regarding 3D Don't get me wrong I like the 3d aspect and it helps while playing by showing more depth however I don't feel it was the selling point for me though it does tend to draw me into the game more.

Side note:I felt like a lot of game's were not worth the price tag on the DS because I didn't care for the cartoony character's seen in a lot of game's during dialog, I didn't mind them just noticed there was an over abundance of game's that had done this and mostly occurred in third party title's it just seemed quick and easy on the developmental side and kind of came off as lazy or overdone and lost its charm.The quality seemed to have changed from what I can tell with the 3DS so far so good.

Game play:10 I'm really big on game play because that is the most important thing in my opinion. If you can't play it then how can you enjoy it? They have added touch screen for your map's, Item's, and gear it's much more efficient and makes great use of a second screen. Using the ocarina is a cinch they even made it so you can play the song while looking at it now for some that might take away from experience memorizing them but for others this will be a handy addition. I believe this was also the first game you could freely ride around on a horse and get on and off at your whim in an open world 3D environment.

Sound:10 Classic tunes those little speaker's do it justice it sound's great no complaint's

Story:10 A little redundant this was a Zelda game that added more to the story than just "save the princess" for the most part that's what it is but won't get reduced because it's a remake, it's not like there going to change the story here.

Replay Value:10 So much to do in this game to keep you busy you got heart pieces,fishing,bowling,time traveling,poe hunting,gold skulltula collecting,dungeon crawling,puzzle solving. After you beat it you can play the Master Quest (the harder version of the game.) if you have not played this pick it up now this is a good reason to get a 3DS and there's a lot more to come...

Some of you may feel this is a Bias review I understand that but everyone has there favorite game and This is mine.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/27/11

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (US, 06/19/11)

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