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"Don't let angry people with terrible grammar sway you from appreciating a great remake."

The first thing I have to say about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is that it is a great game. It includes a lengthy campaign with a fair amount of optional content to collect on your way. In addition to the lengthy campaign, the game includes an improved Master Quest version of the game with stronger, more deadly enemies, a mirrored world, and much more difficult puzzles to solve. Also there is an option in the game to re-challenge any of the dungeons' bosses you come across. Included is easily 40 hours of gameplay for someone who has never played the original. If you have never played the original, then this game is an absolute MUST have. (This review is only for people who own a Nintendo 3DS. I'm not sure why all of the video game reviews for the 3DS so far factor in the cost of a 3DS to the purchase of the game. For the record I don't believe it would be frugal to invest in a 3DS solely for this game, nor would I believe it frugal to invest into any console for only one exclusive game.) As for you who have played the original, here is how Ocarina 3D stacks up against it.

The graphics are substantially better. You will notice many of the razor sharp polygons from the original have been smoothed out (i.e. The great fairies have more 'natural' curves) and that the colors in some areas seem to be more vibrant than the original. In addition to the smoothed edges and more colorful colors, it appears that the character models look a good deal better than the ones from the original. The vines are still 2d, but then again I never really had an issue with that in the original. You will also still see some of the same jumpy, awkward movements from the folks in the town square, but while adding more fluid animations to these characters would have made the game seem more realistic, I don't believe that the original choppy, awkward animations takes anything away from the experience at all. If anything, keeping those characters the same adds an extra sense of nostalgia when walking through the town square or Kakariko village. The improved graphics are a very nice addition to the gameplay and they stay true to the original game. The 3D feature works great and adds a little bit of a broader view of the environment while playing, but little more. Personally, I played the game almost solely with the 3D off as I am very prone to headaches, often for various reasons.

The sound in the game is almost exactly identical to the original. It adds tons of nostalgia value to this game. While adding fully orchestrated music to this game would have been a beautiful addition, again I do not believe it takes anything away from the experience of this game.

The gameplay stays true to the original with only a few differences. In addition to using the thumb slider to aim the hookshot, slingshot, and bow and arrow, you can utilize the 3DS accelerometer in a similar fashion to Face Raiders to aim those weapons. It is very responsive and takes very little time to master and can prove to be much quicker than using the thumb slider. You can also use the accelerometer when you switch to the first person viewing mode when looking around an area. In addition to utilizing the accelerometer for improved aiming, Ocarina 3D utilizes the touch screen to allow easy viewing of your gear, map, and items screen without leaving the game screen. You also have two touch screen buttons to equip items to for easy access, which proves very useful when utilizing several at once. Another small addition to the game are new optional glowing Shiekah stones that give hints to players who are stuck at a certain point in the game. The stones are optional and you are rewarded at the end of the game if you have not used them.

Although most of the additions to the game are minor changes, they all add a level of detail that wasn't present in the original and are improvements on the original. I found none of the new additions to the game to be flawed in anyway, but I am sure there are some angry people out there that have found some reason to complain about the IMPROVEMENTS. This remake has nothing but improvements over the original and while it may seem steep to pay $40 for a remake with small improvements like this one, that is a decision to be made by the consumer. I hope my review helps you decide whether or not the improvements are worth it. As for those of you who have never played the game, you'd be stealing it for that price.

Gameplay 10/10
(just as good, if not better than we all remember it)
Graphics 9/10
(the improved look will satisfy fans of the original, though some objects received little to no graphical improvements)
Sound 9/10
(while virtually the same as the original it gives the game a perfect ambiance)
Replay Value 10/10
(are you kidding me? Master Quest, Boss Rush, 100 gold skulltulas, tons of heart pieces and additional items..... This game will replay itself even if you decide not to.)

In a time where reviews are cluttered by less than intelligent people who focus more on how a game stacks up to their favorite game than on the actual value of the game itself, I hope this review is a breath of fresh air and helps guide consumers towards their decision to purchase or not purchase this game. This game is a good one and includes a 3d story with levels of immersion unrivaled by any other handheld game. This game is timeless.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/27/11

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (US, 06/19/11)

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