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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBM11085

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/14/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    What's New

    Version 1.0 (6/14/13): The first complete version of this FAQ.


    Donkey Kong makes his return in a full adventure on the 3DS with this game. Granted, it is a port of the Wii version, but with some additional tweaks and an exclusive new world to unlock. Nonetheless, this new adventure is now portable-sized, but packs a lot more bite than the older SNES/GB games you might be reminiscing about. There are eight themed worlds to explore with plenty of secrets and collectibles in each, which can help unlock a 3DS-exclusive ninth world. You will be very much challenged by playing this game, so if that is what you are after in a platformer, this is it!


    A/BJump (hold to jump higher, tap to hop)
    X/YGround pound, roll (while moving), blow air (while ducking), charge (with Rambi)
    L/RGrab objects/climbable surfaces (release button to throw/let go), dismount Rambi
    StartPause/resume game

    New Mode vs. Original Mode

    In the 3DS version of this game, there is an option when you create a new file called New Mode. In this mode, several new items will be made available at Cranky Kong's Shops, and you get an extra Heart added to your health (giving you three instead of the usual two). Original Mode is exactly the same as the Wii version, of course. Aside from those minor differences, the game plays the same regardless of the mode you choose; it's just a matter of preference.

    Playing the Game

    At the start, you get a full view of the island. You can move around to different areas once you unlock them, and select a world to view a map of all the available levels. You must complete the levels more or less in sequence in order to proceed with the game though. When you choose a stage, you will be able to access your Inventory of items bought at Cranky Kong's Shop, choose three items to carry with you into that stage, and then begin.

    Within the stages themselves, you will encounter enemies, bananas (single ones, bunches worth 5, and big bunches worth 20; collect 100 for an extra life), and Banana Coins (the game's currency for the shop). There will be barrels you can jump into as well, which are used to travel ahead to a usually predetermined location. There are also special Rocket Barrels which you can fly in and control its movement/thrust.

    Throughout each stage are several Puzzle Pieces (usually 5, but there can be up to 9 in certain stages) to collect, as well as the four letters that spell out KONG. Getting all four letters in each stage of a world unlocks a special temple stage (#-K); completing those stages will help unlock an entirely new bonus world at the end of the game. Collecting everything in each stage contributes to your file's completion rate. You get 100% for completing every stage in the main game and collecting everything, and 200% for doing it again on Mirror Mode.

    There are also Checkpoint barrels at predetermined locations. You activate them automatically, and if you die, you start back at that location instead of at the beginning of the stage. If you die too many times in a stage, the Checkpoints (as well as the start area) will be where you can access Super Guide; more on that below.

    Movement: Jumping, Rolling and Climbing

    In this game, you have a couple of simple movements. You can move in any direction using the Circle Pad, and jump by pressing A or B. The height of your jump is determined by if you just tap the button or hold it down. You can bounce off enemies by jumping as well (more on that below). Rolling is a faster method of moving, and can be used to defeat enemies as well. If you have Diddy with you, your roll becomes faster. To roll jump, roll and jump before you lose momentum; you will maintain your speed in the air, helping you to reach higher ledges or cross gaps. You can also climb along certain climbable surfaces, signified by thick grass usually found on walls and ceilings. Hold L/R and move to climb, release the button to let go.

    Diddy Kong and Hovering

    In this game, you primarily play as Donkey Kong only. When you find the usual DK Barrels throughout the stages, break them and you will become partnered up with Diddy. He rides on your back this time around, and his presence essentially doubles your total Hearts. If you get hit enough times to empty Diddy's health bar, he will leave you, so be careful. Diddy's big purpose is his jet pack, which enables you to hover briefly at the peak of a jump. Simply hold or tap A/B to achieve this. It becomes extremely useful in areas that require precision movements or if you want to quickly traverse a level by roll jumping and hovering.


    In this game, there is only one animal buddy available, and it is none other than Rambi the Rhino. He can be found waiting in a wooden crate bearing his face in certain levels, and by ground pounding the crate you become partnered up with him. Rambi has a few benefits in that he can break through certain types of walls and objects, usually ones also bearing his face on them, and plow through most enemies with ease. He can walk through spikes, clearing them in the process. However, he is weak against fire attacks, so if you get hit by flames, you will automatically dismount and Rambi will start to walk away. You can dismount at any time by pressing L/R. With Diddy on board, Rambi can not really hover, so keep that in mind when crossing gaps with this bulky buddy.

    Encountering Enemies

    As expected, you can jump on or roll through most enemies to defeat them. Certain enemies engulfed in flames may require you to blow on them first, while others may require you to ground pound in order to flip them over to reveal a more vulnerable spot. Ground pounding can also stun enemies temporarily, so you can use that to your advantage. You can also bounce off enemies you jump on by pressing A/B at the moment of impact. If done correctly, you will bounce higher; sometimes this is necessary in order to proceed, as outlined in the walkthrough. If you are carrying a barrel, you can bounce off an enemy while holding it without destroying the barrel.

    Goal Barrels

    When you come to the end of each non-boss stage, there is a Goal Barrel. It has a series of icons that rotate, and depending on what is displayed when you jump in, you will receive a different prize. You can get an extra life, Banana Coins, bananas, or the DK icon (press X/Y repeatedly to get additional bonus Banana Coins). Following that, the stage summary appears and you will be able to either continue to the world map or replay the current stage.

    Super Guide

    If you manage to lose more than a certain number of lives in a stage, the start of that stage and every Checkpoint within will have a pig in a barrel calling to you. Press Start in front of it to be given an option to activate the Super Guide, which is basically a way of letting the game complete the level for you. You do not receive rewards or bonuses by doing this, but it may be helpful if you want to see where you went wrong. I would not recommend doing this, but the option is there just in case.

    Cranky Kong's Shop

    In each world, you will find a shop (#-S) run by Cranky Kong. Inside, you can use your Banana Coins to purchase various items which you can carry with you into the start of a stage. He even has some biting comments for you, but those come for free!

    1-1: Jungle Hijinxs

    The first level of the first world begins in a familiar location, especially if you have played the first DKC game on SNES. Press X or Y repeatedly to knock the bad guy out of the treehouse, then Donkey Kong will finally emerge and you will gain control. First, enter the cave to the left and grab Puzzle Piece #1 inside before exiting. If you want an easy extra life balloon, bounce on the tire on the left ledge and enter the treehouse to grab it.

    Now, head right and you will become accustomed to two of your more common actions: blowing on objects (Down + X or Y), and ground pitems ounding (press X or Y). You can destroy those gray blocks by ground pounding on them repeatedly, so keep that in mind. Pass the first block and defeat the three enemies, then jump onto the lower of the two blocks ahead. Jump to the treetops above and grab the K, then continue across the treetops to the last one at the far left, netting a Banana Coin on the way. Blow the white dandelion to receive Puzzle Piece #2.

    Continue to the right while breaking blocks, and you will see gray pillars in the background which will fall on you as you proceed. The first two blocks are not important, but if you destroy the two stacked blocks in front of the third pillar, you will find Puzzle Piece #3. Follow the path forward and you will see a large yellowish plant; ground pound and it will yield Puzzle Piece #4. If you ground pound on the gray platform, you can drop into a room below where you can grab a Banana Coin, several bananas, and a Heart.

    Jump back out and blow the dandelion ahead for another Heart if you need it, then continue past the two frogs. Bounce on the large flower between the two statue heads, and the heads will start spitting bananas between them. Bounce and collect all of the bananas to receive Puzzle Piece #5. Defeat the frog ahead, as well as the tiki enemy on the platform, then roll and jump to grab the O in the pit below. To the right is the Checkpoint, as well as a DK Barrel; throw it and you will get to team up with Diddy Kong for the first time. Your health bar doubles when Diddy is around, and he sits on your back, using his jet pack when you tap/hold B in the air, allowing for more airtime.

    Anyway, continue along until you reach a raised circular platform. Ground pound it into the ground until a scene in the background materializes. Jump into the barrel that appears and press A to shoot into the background area. When you land, first roll jump across the gap to the left and blow the dandelion to find Puzzle Piece #6. Go back to the right and collect the N as well as the other goodies over here, then jump into the barrel above to return to the foreground.

    Go right and defeat the two tiki enemies on the platform, then ground pound on the gray ledge in the middle to fall into a bonus room! You have to shoot upward in the barrel to collect all of the bananas within 30 seconds. Complete this task to receive Puzzle Piece #7. Back in the main area, go right and defeat the enemies you encounter. When you reach the trio of red enemies, jump to the ledge above and make your way all the way left to the farthest elevated platform. Grab Puzzle Piece #8 there, then jump from the rightmost ledge to take the G in midair.

    Finally, ignore the bouncy flowers and the Goal Barrel, and walk all the way to the right edge of the screen. A hidden room will be revealed where you can pick up Puzzle Piece #9. Now you can bounce to the Goal Barrel to exit.

    1-2: King of Cling

    Starting off, go right and defeat the lone enemy before you reach the spikes. Throughout this level, there will be grassy patches on the walls and ceilings you can climb on by holding L/R while moving. Jump onto the grassy ceiling and cross the spike pit in this manner. At the other side, jump from the block to reach the DK Barrel above if needed. Roll jump to the right and grab the K in midair; you should also reveal a hidden ledge beyond it where you can take Puzzle Piece #1.

    Below, continue right and climb across the next set of spikes. If you drop onto the ledge to the right of the fly trap enemy below, you can find another hidden alcove with a Banana Coin and bananas. Up ahead, you will see a rotating wheel you can hang from in the air. Run around it and jump to the elevated ledge to the left, and hop across to reach a hidden room blocked by the foreground, where you will find Puzzle Piece #2.

    To the right, you will find a thin ledge above a small spike pit. Roll jump to the right to find yet another hidden ledge with Puzzle Piece #3 waiting for you. Further along, climb along the ceiling and walls, jumping across to avoid the fly traps below. Get past the giant fly trap and you will come to another DK Barrel ahead. Cross the first bridge and gorund pound in front of the yellow plant to reveal a barrel. Jump into it to reach the grassy wheels in the background. Grab the bananas and the O above the wheels, then climb along the ceiling above to reach another barrel at the top. Jump in to reach a bonus room. Bounce around and collect the bananas within 30 seconds to get Puzzle Piece #4.

    Following the bonus room, go down and ground pound in front of the yellow plant to reveal a barrel leading back to the main area. Continue along and climb along the grassy ceiling above the giant fly trap. When you have an opening, press X/Y in front of the hanging yellow plant to reveal Puzzle Piece #5. Quickly grab it and climb past to avoid the giant fly trap's attack. Bounce off the flower at the end and you will be at the Checkpoint. Break the DK Barrel if needed, then get past the fly traps hanging on the ceiling ahead. At the far wall, you will start having to make your way upward along the walls and grassy wheels. Be careful of fly traps popping out of openings in the side walls!

    After you reach the second fly trap in the wall, jump to the thin ledge above it. From there, jump to the right to reach a hidden ledge with Puzzle Piece #6 waiting for you. Above, there will be two spinning wheels that also move up and down as they rotate. Climb across them and head to the far right wall, where you can climb down to grab the N. Go up and left, and continue upward to a bouncy flower. Go into a hidden alcove to the right of it to find Puzzle Piece #7.

    Bounce onto the grassy part of the wheel above and continue climbing your way through the area, collecting bananas and avoiding the fly traps. In the final area above, you will find several flowers to bounce on, as well as spinning blade enemies in the air. Avoid the blades and grab the G, then bounce upward to a barrel, which will shoot you upward to the goal.

    1-3: Tree Top Bop

    Begin by heading right and breaking the blocks you encounter. Defeat the smaller enemies and the larger tiki enemy (takes three hits), and you will notice the tree platforms are swaying. If you manage to get onto the high one (I roll jumped from the smaller one to the right and used Diddy's jet pack), you can collect Banana Coins high above. Further to the right, you will find a DK Barrel and a regular barrel in the air. Before jumping into it, roll jump over the pit to the right and you will find Puzzle Piece #1.

    Next, get back across and jump from the swaying platforms into the barrel above. The barrel will move back and forth; shoot upward to grab the K, then launch into the next barrel to proceed. When you reach the top area after the long shot upward, defeat the hopping toads and jump across the next couple of swaying platforms. Use the next barrel to cross the gap and you will come to a spike pit with platforms above it. Get across by defeating the enemies along the way, and hop onto the block with a funny face ahead. Defeat the toad atop it, then roll jump to retrieve the O in the air.

    Past the funny looking blocks, go through the Checkpoint and you will find another thin gray ledge. Ground pound it to fall into a hidden room. Break the crate and you will now get to ride on Rambi, your first animal buddy! He can break blocks by charging into them, and can even clear spikes by walking across them. With that in mind, shoot out of here via the barrel, and backtrack to the left a bit. When you come back to the larger spike pit below the platforms, clear the spikes and ground pound in the center to fall into a bonus room. Collect everything to get Puzzle Piece #2.

    When you emerge, continue right with Rambi to find another spike pit. Run across it and charge through the wall ahead to uncover Puzzle Piece #3 at the end. For the next part, hop across the tilting platforms and swaying trees, and you will see the N floating in the air below two flying enemies. When the enemies float downward, bounce on them to grab the letter. Once you make it to sold ground ahead, run through the spikes with Rambi and break through the right wall to enter another bonus room. Use the barrels to collect everything within 30 seconds to get Puzzle Piece #4. Be careful since if you don't aim at another barrel, you may exit the stage empty-handed.

    After you exit the bonus room, go back left and jump onto the top platform, then across the flying enemies to get the G. Ignore the platforms to the right for now, and use Rambi to charge through the rightmost wall. You will uncover a hidden room with plenty of bananas and Puzzle Piece #5. Now, go back and jump into the Goal Barrel to exit.

    NOTE: You need to buy the Map Key (10 Banana Coins) from Cranky Kong's Shop in the Jungle to access this stage.

    In this stage, you will only see silhouettes of everything because of the sunset in the background. That said, first go left into a hidden room to find Puzzle Piece #1. After that, go right and ground pound on the cracked platform to fall into the alcove and collect the K below. Toss the DK Barrel if you need Diddy, otherwise continue along defeating the enemies and collecting bananas. There will be another cracked ledge you can ground pound through to reach a Heart.

    Walk across the blocks ahead, being careful of the enemy disguised as a bush at the far end. Keep going through the area until you reach a series of tilted platforms in the background. Ground pound below each to temporarily fix the ledges, allowing you to jump on them. Do this to retrieve a Banana Coin, the O, and a Heart. Up ahead is another cracked ledge; ground pound to fall in, and walk to the sides to reveal the rest of the alcove below. Grab the bananas and Banana Coin, then jump out and continue. Ahead is the Checkpoint, so get over to it.

    Following the Checkpoint, break the DK Barrel and stand on the elevated ledge next to it. The ledge will sink down, lighting up the facade above and opening up a hidden room below. Grab Puzzle Piece #2 and the bananas, then use the barrel to shoot to the right and emerge above. Back on top, first go left and defeat the bush enemies, then roll jump to grab the N among the trees to the right of them. Ahead, you will see another circle of bananas. Stay on the bottom level and clear the enemies, then walk into the right wall to find Puzzle Piece #3.

    Hop up the ledges and go right, defeating more bush enemies as you walk onto a wooden platform. You will see two more tilted ledges above. Ground pound and jump onto the top one to find Puzzle Piece #4 high above it. Grab it, then continue to the right while defeating some more enemies. You will find another cracked platform below an arc of bananas with a Heart in the middle. Ground pound to break through, grabbing the G below.

    Make your way past more enemies as you continue to the right, and you will reach a tall stack of blocks in front of a giant statue head. Do NOT break the blocks just yet; instead jump onto the statue head and walk to the right above it. Clear the enemies and jump into an opening in the right wall to find Puzzle Piece #5. With that done, go back down and ground pound the block stack to open a passage within the statue head's mouth. Follow the crumbling tunnel to the Goal Barrel at the end.

    1-5: Canopy Cannons

    Head right from the start, breaking blocks and defeating the enemies you meet. Jump into the barrel at the end of the path and shoot your way into the background for the next part of the stage. Shoot through the wall to the right, and the next barrel will move up and down. Line up with the K and shoot to grab it, and use the banana lines to aim your shots with the next several barrels. Avoid hitting the spinning blade and the giant spiked block as you continue to solid ground ahead.

    Once you land, go right and ground pound in front of the yellow plant by the spike pit to receive Puzzle Piece #1. Cross the spike pit and grab the DK Barrel between the hopping enemies, then hop into the next barrel. Shoot straight upward to get the O, then shoot into the next one up and to the right. The next barrel is below and right, but first shoot straight down into the pit. You will land in a hidden barrel and collect Puzzle Piece #2 before looping back around. Continue right via the barrels to reach the next platform.

    Once there, go right and you will spot a thin ledge. Ground pound it to fall into a barrel, which will shoot you into a bonus room. This one is tricky since you need to shoot back and forth between the two outer barrels while collecting the bananas, but without hitting the center barrel. Hit the center one and you will automatically exit. You also have 30 seconds to get it done. Complete the task to get Puzzle Piece #3, which you retrieve by hitting the center barrel at last.

    When you emerge above, go left past the enemies and ground pound in front of the yellow plant to get Puzzle Piece #4. Returning to the right, go through the Checkpoint and jump into the barrel to begin the next segment. You will need to time your shot to avoid the giant spiked block, then time your next shots to get an extra life balloon and the N spinning around the next couple of barrels.

    After you shoot through the cracked wall ahead, there will be a series of diagonal barrels you need to shoot through. When you reach the third one (it should be the one pointing to the northeast), don't line up with the next barrel you see. Instead, wait for the one you're in to move all the way upward, lining up with a single banana at the top of the screen. Then, shoot to reach a hidden barrel above, which allows you to collect Puzzle Piece #5.

    When you get shot into the background ahead, wait for the moving barrel above you to get out of the way, then shoot upward to nab the G. Then, drop into that next barrel and shoot through the pillars ahead quickly. You have to do this fast since the pillars will fall, and if they crush the barrel you're in, you will lose a life. Make sure the last two barrels in the sequence are pointing to the right before shooting or you may die. Shoot into the pillar at the end to knock it over, then jump from it to reach the next ledge.

    Here, bounce across the flowers and into the barrel at the end. You will see a statue head open its mouth, revealing a barrel in the background. Shoot into the open mouth and continue shooting through the hidden barrels to plow through the column, ultimately launching yourself to the foreground one more time. Now, avoid the giant spiked block and shoot across to the Goal Barrel.

    1-6: Crazy Cart

    Right from the start (and as shown in the level introduction), go left and jump up to take that Puzzle Piece #1 hiding there. Then, continue right past the enemies until you reach a large switch in the ground. Ground pound it and a bunch of ledges will fall into place above. Jump up the ledges along the left side and then hop into a hidden alcove to the left, following it to a bonus room. Hop across the two levels of moving platforms to collect everything in 30 seconds. You will win Puzzle Piece #2 as a result.

    After you exit, go right and through the open doorway. When you reach the thin ledge with a bunch of bananas below it, ground pound to break through, falling down a tunnel below. At the bottom, go right and use the barrel to land in a mine cart. Now the fun part begins! When you ride the mine cart, you can not slow down, but you can bounce on enemies to reach greater heights.

    That said, go right and you will find a trio of enemies riding in their own carts. Bounce off the third enemy's head to reach the K above. Continuing along, bounce on the flying enemies to grab the bananas and Banana Coin overhead, and you will see another section of track sloping downward. Do not bounce on the next cart enemy ahead; instead jump over it and stay on the lower track. At the end, grab Puzzle Piece #3 and then hop onto the upper track.

    When you reach the first downhill section, jump to grab the O in the air before landing. Continue along the flat portion of track, then as it dips downward just before a pit, grab Puzzle Piece #4 and jump across to the next segment. The track will lead you far into the foreground, giving you little view of what's coming up. When that happens, grab the first line of bananas and jump to grab the banana bunch in the air. Just a short distance past that, jump again to grab Puzzle Piece #5 as soon as it appears onscreen.

    With the puzzle pieces done, you will move back into the distance a bit, making things easier. You will automatically trigger the Checkpoint on the ledge above, but make sure you jump over the fiery enemy to avoid dying. Up ahead, jump over the mine cart enemy and get onto the upper track if you can (it leads to an extra life balloon). Avoid the fiery flying enemies as you proceed (the non-fiery ones can be safely bounced upon). After the downhill portion with the low ceiling, jump over the gap and continue a short distance to spot the N below the following section of track. The trick is to jump as soon as you reach the edge of the track, allowing yourself to just touch the letter and reach the track above safely.

    As the track leads outside of the cave, jump over the low-flying fiery enemies as well as the mine cart enemies. Soon after the mine cart baddies, there will be a trio of flying enemies above. Jump over the third one as it swoops downward to make it past safely. Beyond this point, jump over the gaps and collect bananas until you reach the last section of track sloping downward. Grab the G at the bottom and jump as soon as you touch it, then you will continue down a slope and across a chasm. When you land in the final cave section, jump over the single gap and the track will end, dumping you by the Goal Barrel.

    NOTE: You need to have collected all four KONG letters in each stage of the Jungle in order to access this stage. It is also highly recommended you have Diddy with you to utilize his jet pack hover.

    From the start, go right to the edge of the starting area and you will start to see platforms popping up in front of you. As you jump onto them, they will start to shake before falling out, so you need to keep moving in order to avoid losing lives. Get across the first several platforms by bouncing on the tiki enemies, then avoid the spinning blades as you continue onward. After the high platform with the three blades above it, drop to the lower platforms where there will be a smaller tiki enemy followed by a larger one. Bounce on the larger one repeatedly to reach the higher enemies, who you can bounce across to retrieve Puzzle Piece #1.

    Past this, you will find larger spinning blades with low-lying platforms below them. Try not to jump too high to avoid hitting them, and you will find narrow platforms with tires you can bounce on. Get across the stack of blades and bounce across the trio of tiki enemies to reach a more solid ledge ahead. On that platform, ground pound in the middle to knock over a vase in the background, which yields Puzzle Piece #2.

    For the next part of the stage, there will be more platforms popping up with spinning blades floating around to avoid. When you reach the first low platform with a banana bunch on it, simply drop onto it without jumping. Hop up the next couple of platforms and you will see a group of three platforms, with two of them having ledges below. Stand on the leftmost one so it sinks, then grab Puzzle Piece #3 and walk onto the adjacent ledge with the banana bunches, and jump onto the next platform ahead.

    Continue along the high ledges and ride the last one downward to get past the hanging platform blocking your progress. Up ahead, you will reach a platform with a low ceiling filled with spikes. Go to the right edge and jump upward to the following ledge, that's the only way to proceed. Go down the slope and jump onto the tire platform ahead, and hop across the flying enemies above.

    Ahead, you will see Puzzle Piece #4 on the opposite side of a hanging block, with a tire platform below it. Bounce on the tire and quickly grab the piece, then bounce again to make it over the spikes to the right. Up ahead, there will be spiky ceilings with a line of enemies along the bottom of the area; bounce across them to reach a solid platform at the end.

    If you ground pound at the middle of this platform, a Banana Coin will pop out of the broken vase. For the final stretch of platforms ahead, jump across the first couple of platforms and use the enemies to bounce over the spikes. Next, there are two platforms with an enemy between them and spikes above. Simply run and fall onto the enemy (do not jump) and you will bounce across safely. Ride the rightmost platform downward and jump to the next one, and continue across the next several platforms. Quickly jump up the slope and hop across the line of enemies, then bounce from the lower one over the spikes to the opposite side below.

    Get across the next set of spikes and bounce on the tire to reach the flying enemies above. Bounce off the left enemy to get Puzzle Piece #5, then hop across to the right. Go down the next sloped platform and hop across the spiky platform by bouncing on the enemies. Just past that, there will be a spiky ceiling with three enemies flying below it. Bounce across to the right without jumping to make it through, then bounce high off the final enemy to reach the barrel. Grab all the bananas and Banana Coin at the end, then take the Orb to complete the stage.

    1-B: Mugly's Mound

    As you can see, this is the first boss you will be facing in this game. It has two basic attack patterns at the start of the battle. First, it will charge back and forth in your direction; jump over it and it will stop short. There is a target on its back, so you will want to jump over Mugly as it approaches and land on the target to attack. The other attack is when Mugly bounces its way from one side of the screen to the other. Run underneath it and bounce on the target as Mugly lands to attack. Hit Mugly three times and it will turn orange, which basically means it will move more quickly.

    If you get too close to Mugly before it attacks, it may swallow you, causing damage to yourself. The same principle as before applies, so hit it another three times. This time, Mugly will turn red and become even faster. In addition, Mugly may leap in the air and attempt to crush you, causing a damaging shock wave upon landing. It may also charge directly across, crashing into the opposite wall if it misses you. When Mugly crashes, it will be temporarily stunned, giving you a better opening to attack. Once again however, three more hits and it will be defeated. Then, jump at the tiki enemy and hit X/Y repeatedly to finish off the battle.

    2-1: Poppin' Planks

    Begin by going right and defeating the crabs as they emerge from the sandy beach. When you reach the wooden plank ahead, ground pound on it to cause another one to pop up nearby. Use it to reach the ledge above, and go left to find Puzzle Piece #1 in the air. Jump to grab it, then head back to the right. Use the DK Barrel if needed, and hop over the two spike pits ahead. Jump from the block to the ledges above, where you can take the K.

    Below, ground pound in front of the treasure chest to get an extra life balloon, and head right to another peg in the sand. Ground pound it and a barrel will be kicked up nearby above the opposite peg. Jump into it and you'll be launched into the ship in the background to a bonus room. Inside, there will be two red crabs. They take two hits to defeat: first jump on the red crab to raise its claws, then ground pound to flip it before jumping again to defeat it. Clear the crabs to get Puzzle Piece #2, then exit via the barrel at the top.

    Ground pound the next peg you come to and a treasure chest will emerge; ground pound that as well to open it, revealing Puzzle Piece #3. Continue along, defeating the red crabs and ground pounding the pegs to make it over the wall at the end. On the other side, ground pound the circular DK platform and a whale will appear in the background, shooting a ton of bananas into the foreground ahead. In front of you is a bridge whose planks rise up like a wave every couple of moments, so grab as many bananas as you can.

    At the end of the bridge, let the wave launch you upward to the swinging platforms. Ground pound the crates to reveal a Heart if you need one. There are two balanced platforms just ahead with a red crab on the left side. Defeat it, then jump on the right side briefly to raise up the other side, then quickly jump back to the left and grab the O high in the air next to it. Ride the final platform with the yellow crab on it upward, and hop onto the platform with all the barrels hanging below it. Ground pound and the platform will fall into the water and begin to float along.

    Ride the floating platform along, using the flying enemies to reach all of the bananas, then jump off at the end before it sinks. Go through the Checkpoint and open the treasure chest just ahead to get Puzzle Piece #4. You may notice a cannon in the background as well; ground pound in front of it and it will shoot at the ship overhead, revealing an opening on the right side. Go right and break the DK Barrel if needed, then go into the ship to find a bonus room. Shoot back and forth between the two outer barrels (avoid the center one) and collect everything in 30 seconds, then collect Puzzle Piece #5 on your way out.

    From here, go right and hop onto the floating platforms to continue. When the second one rises, jump upward to grab the N above your head. As you hop across, avoid the sharks as they jump up and down between the platforms. When you reach dry land, there will be another wavy bridge up ahead. This time, each time the planks rise up, they flip over to reveal spikes in some spots, so be careful. At the end, bounce onto the swinging platforms above and continue across the next several of them. There will be golden sharks jumping between a bunch of them further along, so be careful once again. Grab the G as you go, and continue across the final several platforms above the jumping sharks to reach the Goal Barrel.

    2-2: Sloppy Sands

    As you can see at the start, there is a trapped puzzle piece behind the left wall with a target on it. To get it, first go right and ground pound the pegs, then jump to the high ledge with the DK Barrel. Carry that barrel back to the left and toss it at the wall to access Puzzle Piece #1. Head right now and follow the path to a block shooting squid enemies out of the side. Behind it, ground pound the line of pegs, and a Banana Coin, Heart, and Puzzle Piece #2 will land on the high ledge above.

    After you collect the goodies, go right and ground pound behind the cannon. This will knock off the treasure chest in the background, yielding four Banana Coins. Up ahead, jump over the block cannon in front of you, and you will see a pink flower in the ground. Blow it to reveal Puzzle Piece #3. You will also be introduced to electrified red squids being shot at you. These get shot out two in a row, and you can't jump on them, so try to avoid them when possible. Ground pound the treasure chest you spot between cannon blocks to get an extra life balloon, however.

    Up ahead, you will see a line of pegs with a ledge above them. Ground pound the pegs, then jump onto the ledge. Bounce on the yellow squids being shot from the right to reach Puzzle Piece #4 above your head. Now, go right and use the newly raised pegs to jump over the double-stacked block cannons, and continue to the Checkpoint. Break the DK Barrel if you need to, then continue along. Jump across the platforms while avoiding the jumping sharks, and when you get to the second wooden crate, ground pound it to reveal a barrel. Jump into it to be shot into the background by the tower. Roll through it to clear it, giving access to the K at the top. Break the crate at the opposite side and use that barrel to return to the foreground.

    To the right, break the next wooden crate by the block cannon to get a Heart, then continue past it. You will see another puzzle piece underneath the platform you are on, but we will get it shortly. Go right and defeat the red crab, then drop onto the ledge below the barrel to find a cannon. Ground pound to shoot the cannonball to the left, breaking the bridge you just crossed. Jump across and collect Puzzle Piece #5 at the other end.

    Go back to the right and defeat some crabs, then go down the sandy hill to find a wall of block cannons. Grab the O in between shots, and bounce on the squids to reach the upper ledge. Jump over the next block and roll jump to grab the N in mid air up ahead. After you land below, activate the second Checkpoint and break the DK Barrel if needed. Before continuing, go left and roll into the wall to uncover a bonus room! Bounce on the moving platform and collect all of the bananas/Banana Coins within 30 seconds to get Puzzle Piece #6.

    After completing the bonus room, go right and ground pound the giant circular switch all the way in. This will raise a sandy tower in the background, which you will access by shooting out of the provided barrel. In this new area, open the treasure chest to get a banana bunch, then jump to the ledge above. Grab the Heart and bananas in the air, then jump onto one of the buckets moving across the line. At the left side, jump and grab onto the grassy wall above (hold L/R while moving). Go up a slight bit, then jump across to the right side and head back downward. The G is in sight, but three yellow squids in a row will be shot out of the wall behind it. Wait for them to pass before claiming the letter.

    Next, grab another Heart as you climb to the top, then continue upward via the buckets and other ledges while avoiding the squids being shot at you. When you reach the next grassy wall to climb with a rotating wheel in the middle, make your way upward by following the grassy patches. When you come to a treasure chest, open it to get a Heart. Before proceeding further, go right behind a stack of barrels to find a hidden alcove with Puzzle Piece #5 inside. After that, continue up the ledges to a barrel. Wait for an opening between the squids to shoot upward, then do so to reach the Goal Barrel and complete the stage.

    2-3: Peaceful Pier

    Out here, begin by blowing on the grass in the background just to the right of where you start (it's in front of two pointy towers in the background) to uncover Puzzle Piece #1. Now, go right and you will find a fiery enemy; deal with them by blowing on them to douse the flames, then jumping to defeat them. After that, break the DK Barrel if you have to, and shoot through the next couple of barrels. When you reach the special red one, it will turn out to be a rocket. Press A/B repeatedly to launch, and you will start riding it to the right across the water.

    To steer the rocket, press A/B to move upward since you will lose a life upon touching the water. After the first large group of bananas, there will be a horizontal line of bananas. Grab all of those bananas and Puzzle Piece #2 will appear immediately after them. Follow the wavy line of bananas ahead and collect the K as well, then avoid the sharks as you continue flying along. Follow the bananas and you will find the O shortly thereafter. Grab a couple of Banana Coins and you will then pass the Checkpoint on an island.

    After you pass the Checkpoint, a pirate ship will appear in the background. It will shoot cannonballs which will explode in mid air, leaving a fiery explosion lingering for a few moments. Avoid these cannon blasts (there will be seven of them; five single shots and two shot at the same time which you will need to fly between), and follow the banana lines after it to find the N.

    Following this, the pirate ship will reappear and shoot five cannonballs at once, causing an explosion cluster along the top area of the screen. Fly below them, then shoot upward just after the explosions to grab Puzzle Piece #3. Another wave of cannonballs will be shot at the bottom half next; fly above them and then drop down to get Puzzle Piece #4 following the explosions.

    Fly through the center of the final explosion cluster and the cannon fire will cease at last. For the pirate ship's final attack, it will target you with crosshairs. When the target locks on, fly out of its range to avoid the anchor being shot at you. Once the ship is done for, fly along the banana line ahead to grab the G.

    The rocket barrel will finally run out of juice and you will land next to the Goal Barrel. Do not enter it yet though. Instead, go right and ground pound on the thin ledge to fall into a barrel leading to a bonus room. You have 30 seconds to shoot upward in a moving barrel to collect all of the bananas above. Do so to win Puzzle Piece #5. After you exit, jump into the Goal Barrel to finish up.

    2-4: Cannon Cluster

    Out here, go right and defeat the yellow crabs you encounter, and ground pound the wooden peg you see. Ground pound the second one and Puzzle Piece #1 will emerge. Take it, then continue past more crabs along the path. You will soon reach an area that is under constant cannon fire from the background. Avoid the cannonballs and grab the DK Barrel across the bridge of sorts. Ground pound the treasure chest to get a Banana Coin, then hop over the first gap while avoiding the jellyfish. Blow the pink flower on the middle ledge to uncover Puzzle Piece #2.

    Cross the next gap and you will see the K under the high ledge, with a flying enemy moving back and forth. Wait for the enemy to fly towards the center, then bounce on it to collect the letter and land above it. Continue going right from here, avoiding the next wave of cannon fire. When you come to the next wooden peg, pound it and another one will pop up on the upper ledge to the left. Jump onto that one and you will see Puzzle Piece #3 high in the air nearby. Roll jump or use Diddy's jet pack to retrieve it.

    Up ahead, there will be another peg by a treasure chest. Ground pound it and yet another one will pop up. Stand on that one and blow the pinwheel repeatedly to raise the platform behind you upward. When it's high enough, jump from that platform to reach a barrel you can barely see above; it leads to a bonus room! Collect everything in 30 seconds by riding and jumping on the two moving platforms to get Puzzle Piece #4.

    When you land in the main area again, go right and you will find two hollow crates on the ground in the middle of cannon fire. Ground pound the crates to clear them, revealing Puzzle Piece #5. To the right, jump onto the upper ledge above the treasure chest to get the O. Beyond that, you will spot a puzzle piece below the platform you are on. Ignore it for now and continue to the Checkpoint ahead of you. After that, take the nearby barrel back to the left, and toss it at the target on the wall. Once that room is open, roll jump into it to grab Puzzle Piece #6.

    Continue to the right onto the tilting platforms, avoiding the jellyfish jumping upward between them. On the second such platform, there will be a wooden crate. Don't break it though; instead jump to the right to grab the N high above. Follow the path ahead to find another pair of hollow crates; ground pound them to get a Heart. Cross the bridge ahead of you while avoiding another wave of cannonballs, then jump from the hollow crates at the end to reach the G above. Ground pound the two layers of hollow crates to the right to break through, being careful to avoid the cannonballs. Once you make it, go through the passage to the right.

    You will see a barrel up ahead, and this will begin the tricky part. You need to pick the barrel up and carry it all the way to the end of the stage. This means you can NOT get hit by cannonballs or touch the trio of crabs that pop up just ahead. A good trick is to stop periodically within the range of cannon fire and line up between cannonballs, then jump just before impact to avoid getting hit.

    If you still have the barrel at the end, break the wall with the target on it to enter a bonus room. Bounce on the moving platform to collect everything flying above within 30 seconds to get Puzzle Piece #7. Once you emerge, simply jump into the Goal Barrel to exit.

    2-5: Stormy Shore

    From the start, go right and defeat the crabs, then jump across the gaps while avoiding the jellyfish. At the far right, start to climb up the grassy wall. Jump across to the left to get the K, then keep climbing all the way up and left to reach Puzzle Piece #1 at the top. If you climb down to the left, you can also find several Banana Coins. Going back up, head right to find a DK Barrel, as well as a thin ledge to the right of it. Ground pound that ledge to drop into a hidden area below; go right to enter a bonus room. Inside, collect all the lines of bananas within 30 seconds across various small platforms to get Puzzle Piece #2.

    When you emerge from the bonus room, head right until you reach the Checkpoint. Get past the red crab and jump over the small gap ahead to the slightly higher ledge. Turn around at that point and roll jump to take the O above before heading back to the right. In the background, you will see an octopus attacking a ship, which will cause massive waves where you are. Jump across the first set of platforms, then quickly hop across the flying squid enemies to reach an extra life balloon.

    For the next set of platforms riding the waves, jump onto the first one and then into the barrel next to it. Wait for the barrel to aim directly upward before shooting, that way you can get Puzzle Piece #3. Shoot to the right next and you will get through this segment easily. Break the DK Barrel ahead if you want, and ground pound the wooden peg to make Puzzle Piece #4 pop out. Defeat the yellow crabs and start hopping across the next set of bobbing platforms. Bounce on the red crab on the third platform to reach the upper ledge where the N is located.

    From here, go right and activate the second Checkpoint ahead. The octopus will now be focused on you, and you will have to get past its tentacles. Jump across the first two, then as you climb the grassy wall at the end, jump to the opposite side when a tentacle appears. At the top, ground pound the treasure chest to get Puzzle Piece #5. Go right and hop across the next set of tentacles, and climb down the following grassy wall. At the bottom, first defeat the three crabs ahead, then take the barrel to the right. Hit the hanging target and Banana Coins and bananas will start falling from above.

    After you grab everything, go right and you will have to navigate a narrow corridor with more tentacles interfering. Climb and walk through when appropriate to avoid the tentacles, then when you reach the platforms on the water, jump and grab onto the grassy horizontal bar to reach the other side. Once there, go through the third Checkpoint. Past it, quickly jump across the next few floating platforms and bounce on the flying yellow squids to reach the G above.

    For the final segment, jump across the remaining platforms when you can (it helps when your platform is above the next one so you will actually make it across). When you reach the barrel at the end, the octopus will appear just below the Goal Barrel. Shoot across when the coast is clear and you are good to go.

    NOTE: You need to buy the Map Key (10 Banana Coins) from Cranky Kong's Shop in the Beach to access this stage.

    Starting off, go right and break the DK Barrel, then defeat the yellow crabs you spot. Jump to the higher ledge ahead to get the K, and proceed onward past more crabs. When you come to a thin ledge with a wooden ship in the background, ground pound to fall into a hidden barrel below. Shoot at the ship to enter a bonus room; collect everything in here despite the different platform configuation to get Puzzle Piece #1.

    Once you leave the bonus room, go right and walk onto the back of a whale. It has an anchor stuck in its blowhole, so ground pound it to knock it free, allowing the whale to start swimming away with you on board. If you ground pound while standing on its blowhole, it will launch you upward with a burst of water. Avoid the flying squid enemies and jump onto the small ledges above to collect bananas as you progress. When you reach the second group of small ledges, jump onto them and follow the arc of bananas in the air at the end to get the O.

    At this point, yellow crabs will start jumping onto the whale, so be sure to clear them off. Jump over the electrified red squids as well, and you will be at the end of the whale's path. Jump across the ledges onto dry land and roll through the white pin-shaped birds to get Banana Coins as you trigger the Checkpoint. At the Checkpoint, ground pound repeatedly in front of the palm tree in the background to cause Puzzle Piece #2 to fall out. Next, continue onward while opening treasure chests and rolling through the birds to get bananas and an extra life balloon. At the end of the path, break the DK Barrel if you need it, otherwise drop onto the whale again and you will set off again.

    Shortly after the ride begins, a wave of red and yellow squids will fly across. Either launch upward with the blowhole and use Diddy's jet pack hover, or bounce off the yellow squids to reach Puzzle Piece #3 overhead. Following that, defeat the crab that appears and the whale will start to dive down. Jump into the barrels, which will launch you across and onto dry ledges. Hop across them as the whale passes underneath, then drop onto it again at the end. Use the blowhole to reach the N as soon as you see it appear on the screen, then jump into the next barrel shortly afterward.

    Hop across the next few ledges quickly to grab the Heart, then use the next set of barrels to stay ahead of the whale below. When you land once again, quickly jump across the platforms, being sure to grab Puzzle Piece #4 along the way before the whale destroys the platforms, causing them to sink. Drop onto the whale at the end yet again, and the final part of the stage will commence. The whale will speed up as you pass under several moving columns of bananas and other goodies. Use the blowhole to reach Puzzle Piece #5 a short bit into this segment. Towards the end, use the blowhole again to reach the G, being sure to clear the crabs beforehand. After that wave, jump onto the final platform and into the Goal Barrel to exit.