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"Don't be mad, Kirby! Your game is excellent!"

It is another quiet night in Dreamland, Kirby is fast asleep when a beanstalk sprouts under his house and carries Kirby and his home into the sky. A strange creature kidnaps King Dedede and Kirby follows the strange creature.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe has a decent story albeit generic plot, but the pacing of the story is uneven. While there is a scene that sets up the start, the only other plot development is in the final few levels where the villain and their plan is revealed.

Triple Deluxe plays similar to Return to Dreamland for the Wii. Most of the abilities from Return to Dreamland return, there are some new abilities including beetle, circus, archer, bell, and hypernova. Beetle is an interesting ability that allows Kirby to fly and also impale enemies and slam them into the ground. Circus is interesting. Kirby can juggle and jump through a flaming hoop. Archer has Kirby using a bow which can be charged to perform a stronger shot. Hypernova is basically the equivalent of super abilities from Return to Dreamland, but this time Kirby gains a stomach of steel and can swallow anything. In fact, Kirby at one point swallows a boss and the bosses' health bar that is how powerful this hypernova is. Other abilities include flame, ice, leaf, fighter, spear, cutter, beam, sleep, stone, and many more to equal in total around 26 abilities.

Not much has changed in Kirby: Triple Deluxe when it comes to the gameplay. The levels are linear in design and Kirby must go from point A to point B. One big change that has come, is now that Triple Deluxe brings to the table is that Kirby must move back-and-forth between the foreground and background. This is done by a gold hollowed star with a red star in the middle but also sometimes Kirby will get shot into the background with help from a barrel.

Aside from reaching the end of the level, there are several items to collect. Health items include drink, spicy curry, donuts, hotdogs, and burgers to name a few. Stars return from Return to Dreamland and to give an example, a gold star is worth 1 while blue stars are worth 30. 100 stars will net the player an extra life. In each level there are sun stones, and there are around 3-4 per level with a few exceptions later in the game where there is only one per level. There are two purposes for sun stones: first a certain number of stones are needed to open up the boss level; second collecting every sun stone in a world unlocks a bonus level. The other new addition are key chains. These key chains are of enemies or Kirby models from his past adventures, and there are a whopping 250+ key chains. In each level there are silver and gold key chains that can be found. Gold key chains give rare key chains while silver give common drops. Another way key chains can be obtained are through the mini-game at the end of each non-boss level.

Speaking of end levels, at the end of each level is a mini-game that can be played and it is similar to past games. The major difference is that this time the game plays on a horizontal plan instead of a vertical like past games. Kirby is dropped into a cannon while a bar underneath him fills up, but the strength of the shot is determined by how high the bar is when “A” is pressed. The higher the bar is filled, the farther Kirby will be shot. Reward is determined upon where Kirby lands yet the farther Kirby goes the better the reward. Landing on cloud 7 gives no reward while landing on cloud 1 nets the player stars and a silver key chain.

A series standard is the fantastic soundtrack and Triple Deluxe does not disappoint at all while there are some remixes of past titles, the newer tracks are pure gold. The tracks are charming, catchy, and memorable. The sound effects are excellent with the death effect sounds like a popping balloon or how there is a heavy but satisfying thud when Kirby touches an enemy. Kirby's grunts and groans sounds adorable like the “hiya!”

Graphic-wise, Triple Deluxe is gorgeous. Each level has their own distinct look and style rather it is a romp through a forest or across a dirt road that lies across railroad tracks, each level looks and feels unique. There is a heavy emphasis on 3D, and Kirby: Triple Deluxe actually makes good use of the 3D. Most of it consists of objects popping out like giant hands that shoot out towards the screen or drops of paint splattering on the screen. That side there are some unique effects like one boss that burns the screen with a flamethrower or streaks of paint blocking the screen.

Controls are solid and easy to grasp yet are fluid and responsive. Movement is set on D-Pad and control stick while “A” and “B” are used for jump and swallow respectively. There is also a guard move however not once did I ever need it also “X” and “Y” are used however “X” removes current copy ability while “Y” uses item. Gyroscope controls are supported yet thankfully they are few and far apart. Mainly the controls are used to rotate items like barrels, gondola, and bowl of water to name a few. They work for the most part although some of the boulders with an opening gave me issue even if I held the system dead center, the boulder would move.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is not a hard game at all in fact the game is very easy however mastering the game will take some time like collecting all key chains and sun stones. Beating the game start to finish without collecting everything can take about 7 hours. Although the game makes up for it with bonus content. There is a new Kirby fighter mode where four players can duke it out however it is local only. Also included is Dedede's Drum Dash which is a mini-game where King Dedede jumps across drums and must collect coins. The player is rewarded with an emblem however obtaining the highest emblem is no easy task that will take practice to master each level. Beating the game also unlocks Boss arena and Dedede Tour, and like the title says Boss arena is simply fighting the bosses of the game. Dedede Tour on the other hand is a time attack of the main game however it has fewer healing items. There are also warp holes that send the player farther into the game plus an additional boss. Just be warned Dedede Tour is addictive, and I simply tried it for the review and found it hard to put the game down.

Also Streetpass is supported however streetpass only swaps items for levels plus times and scores for Boss arena, Dedede Tour, and Dedede Drum rush. Play coins can be used to swap for key chains, and costs 3 play coins for a single key chain.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe may be an easy and short game however it makes up for it with the plethora of bonus content and mini-games. Plus playing the game is easy however mastering it takes skills and getting some of the high scores in the mini-games is no easy task. Simply put Kirby: Triple Deluxe is easily the best platformer available on the 3DS and is a must have game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/05/14, Updated 05/12/14

Game Release: Kirby: Triple Deluxe (US, 05/02/14)

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