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"Still a great fighting game"

I am a huge fan of the Street Fighter series!!! Ever since I first played Street Fighter 2 turbo on the arcade, I have fallen in love with the series with each new installment (well, besides Street Figher the Movie!!). And how does Alpha 2 gold rank?? Well, its definetly one of the five best Street Fighter games out there. I may prefer several other fighting games out there (like Street Fighter Alpha 3) but I am still a big fan of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade and am sure that you will be too after playing it a few times! It really is that good!

Graphics (9.2/10)
WOW!!! The graphics are improved ten fold over Alpha 2. The character designs are much better and go into much more detail, the backgrounds are much more colorful, and overall the graphics are simply amazing. If Alpha 3 hadn't come out, I probably give the graphics in this game a 10. That's how good they are!! The backgrounds have great designs to them and have a variety of colorful backgrounds, ranging from the streets of some city to a shipyard. The character designs are great, and have that classic Street Fighter look to them. Overall, I am a big fan of the graphics in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade, mainly because of the varied backgrounds and great character designs. The game just has that classic Street Fighter look to it, and I am a huge fan of it.

Music/Sound (8.4/10)
The music and sound effects in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade ae both above average, but I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by the overall quality. The music is perfectly acceptable, and there is definetly a variety of great music to choose from. However, I would have liked to see some classic Street Fighter tunes implemented into the game. However, I have to admit that the music featured in the game is pretty well done, and well orchestrated. The music featured in the stages really fit the feel of the stages very well, and I am a big fan of that. Sound effect wise, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade could have been better, but all of the sound effects are there. There isn't much annoying commentary to sit through either, which is good, because the main problem I had with the incredible game known as Street Fighter 3 was the annoying commentary. So, I wasn't totally thrilled with the music and sound effects in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade, but they are pretty well done. Overall, the music and sound effects in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade are well above average, despite a couple of minor nitpicks.

Control (8.4/10)
I have always had problems doing combos in fighting games, yet this is one of the easiest games to perform combos in. The arcade control are solid and responive, and performing special moves are a cinch. Still, some of the combos are still almost impossible to pull off, hence the somewhat low rating. Beginners may have some problems adjusting to the control in the game, but once they get the hang of it they will be kicking butt in no time at all! The game does lead to some forms of button mashing, however, and there appears to be little skill involved, as I have played against several newbies who just mashed the buttons. Overall, the control in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade is great but tends to lead to too much button mashing, and the combos are kind of difficult to pull off.

Gameplay (9.4/10)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade features the trimpuhant return of four new characters, although not much has been added since Street Fighter Alpha 2. There are still all the basic combos, plus special moves like taunts, air combos, and other such goodies. Street Fighter fans should be in cloud nine while playing this game. When comparing this game to Street Fighter Alpha 3, Alpha 3 definetly comes out on top. But there is no question that the gameplay in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for Arcade is great. With lots of characters to choose from, and lots of modes, the game is great. Overall, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade has great gameplay that may not compare to the later games in the series, but the game is perfectly acceptable and great fun to play.

Replay Value (Medium)
After playing this game for a while, you may want to stop playing and go off to playing another great fighting game. But for a while the replay value in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold for the Arcade is pretty good overall.

Challenge (Medium)
The computer AI in the game is not the best I have ever seen, but the game does provide a decent challenge, especially for newbies to the Street Fighter series.

Overall (9.3/10)
What else can I say?? Go to your local arcade and play this game!! And if they don't have it, keep on pestering them until they buckle and get a machine (you can still play Street Fighter Alpha 3, i bet) GREAT GAME!!! And lots of fun to play! Well worth a few quarters!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/06/00, Updated 07/16/01

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