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"Basically a refined NBA Jam... but its a great refinement!"

I am a big fan of both NBA games, and the NBA in general. So when my uncle gave me a 40 dollar arcade card (the equivalent of 40 dollars in arcade tokens) , one of the first games I played was NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC. I had heard a lot of things about the game, and they were mixed opinions indeed. Some loved the game, and some disliked it for being nothing more than ''NBA Jam Remix''. So when I finally got a chance to play it, what were my opinions of it? Well, I loved the darn game! The graphics were great, the music and sound were great (and featured that classic NBA on NBC music that Ive come to love), and the gameplay was classic NBA Jam action all the way, with new innovations. I love this game. If you even had any feelings for NBA Jam, Id advise you play this game as soon as possible. The game also came out for Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and Playstation. Well, enough blabble. On with the review!

Graphics (9.3/10)
These graphics are darn impressive. The 3D player models are very well done, and the arenas are recreated very nicely. The replay mode, where they show a closeup of an amazing move, dunk, etc, are very well done, and there are even coaches to be seen in the game. The audience looks great as well as you can make out the details in some of the designs. And oh yeah, theres also lots of shameless advertising featured in the game as well ^_^. Overall the graphics are pretty darn good and very detailed.

Music/Sound (8.4/10)
Let me start off this by saying that the music and sound effects score probably would have been lower if not for the featured ''NBA on NBC'' music. I like that song a lot. Hell, I like it so much, I got it on my page (in midi format)! Other than the wonderful NBA on NBC song, the music and sound effects are pretty good but nothing special. The same guy that did the NFL Blitz and NBA Jam commentary does the commentary for this game. (I forget his name) Well, the commentary isnt your basic run of the mill NBA on NBC commentary, instead it has the ''crash tv'' style to it. Overall, the music and sound effects in NBA Showtime are pretty good.

Gameplay/Control (9.7/10)
Remember the old NBA Jam games in the arcade? Well, NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is basically just a refined version of the classic NBA Jam gameplay. But its inst completely the same, NBA Showtime does feature new innovations like a better free throw system, more options, and an updated team roster. The game is quite easy to control, as it is easy to do basic moves like pass, shoot, steal, rebound, block shots, etc. Also, the turbo button is featured in the game as well, but id advise you to not use it too much. Overall the gameplay is solid.

Replay Value: High
Challenge: Medium

Overall (9.8/10): Much better than I expected.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/15/00, Updated 07/16/01

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