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Reviewed: 08/12/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

One of the most enjoyable Dreamcast games I have ever played

When I used to make regular trips to the atcade, I used to play Marvel vs Capcom a lot. Since I am a huge fan of 2D fighting games, especially ones made by Capcom, I was really excited about the game. Featuring all of my favorite Marvel and Capcom charcaters, ranging from Magnetto to Mega Man, I knew I was going to love the game. And the Arcade version did not disappoint. A few months later I learned that Marvel vs Capcom was coming for both the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation video game consoles. Now, on one hand I was excited (finally, I could beat up my friends in MvC at home). But I was also kinda worried because the Sony Playstation has not been known to handle this kind of game.

So I had a decision to make the day the game came out. Which console would I get it for? The Sony Playstation, which features quick gameplay and nice graphics but lacks the real tag team feature of the arcade game? Or the Sega Dreamcast version, which features even better graphics, and even faster gameplay than the Sony Playstation version? Plus, it featured the real tag team mode.

So really I had no doubt in my mind in terms of what console I would purchase it for. The Sega Dreamcast version turned out to be my decision, mainly because of the tag team mode. Now, I did rent out the Sony Playstation version a few times, and it is a very good game, but for true Marvel vs Capcom action, there's only need for one game, and that is the Sega Dreamcast version. If you do not have a Dreamcast, I would not reccomend buying a Dreamcast just to play this game, but if you do have one this game should be on top of your list of what games to buy. Ive known people (like K0LDSTeeL) who have not bought this game when they got the console. This is a mistake, because in my opinion it is the best Dreamcast game ever.

Graphics in the game are sharp, crisp, and overall very well done. The graphics are in full 2D, which I happen to love. The charcater designs are wonderful, raning from the designs of Magnetto to the crisp look of Mega Man. The backgrounds are very well done as well and enjoy lots of variety in them. The frame rate runs at a smooth, constant rate, which adds to the fun factor of the gameplay because there is less slowdown then the Playstation version. The super moves look amazing as well, and most of the game looks FANTASTIC. I love the graphics in this game.

The music and sound effects are well done as well. The music has a hip beat to it that fits well in the fast style that the game is trying to convey. The sound effects, from the various voice acting to the sounds made during the fights, sound very well and are superbly done. Sure, the sound effects might not be as good as the arcade version but they do sound pretty good nevertheless. Great music and above average sound effects.

The gameplay in this game is superb as well. Take your average Capcom 2D fighter, throw in new modes like a true tag team mode and other goodies, and you have a can't miss game. I believe that this is the first home version of a fighting game that has a true tag team mode. If so, then the game would be worth it right there, because multiplayer tag team battles are fun as hell. I love most of the charcaters in the game as well, and their moves are easy to pull off, as long as you have a arcade stick (hint hint) Overall great gameplay, but buy an arcade stick if you want the true Marvel vs Capcom experience.

The replay value of the game is great as well. I still play the game because I eventually hope to do a guide for it. Therefore I am trying out different combos and moves for different charcaters. Multiplayer mode is a blast and it never gets old, therefore the replay value is high.

Challenge wise, Marvel vs Capcom is more difficult than your average Capcom fighter, the only difference being because the
Dreamcast pad is next to impossible to use for this game. However, getting an arcade stick takes away some of the challenge and adds to the fun factor.

Overall, Marvel vs Capcom is the most enjoyable Dreamcast game I have yet to play, and I do think that it is better than Soul Calibur. The variety of charcaters, the tag team mode, and the outstanding replay value add up to a can't miss game. Just make sure to buy an arcade stick with the game itself.

-Fast and frenetic gameplay
-2 on 2 battles
-Killer graphics

-Some slowdown
-Using this game with a regular DC controller.
-Not enough character selection.

Storyline - N/A
Graphics - 10/10
Music/Sound - 8/10
Gameplay/Control - 10/10
Replay Value - Medium
Challenge - Medium
Overall - 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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