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"A great game with awful controls"


Well, I was skeptical about this game at first. You see, when I was about 9, I went to my cousins house. He had a PlayStation. I had never seen one before and was curious. I asked him about it and he popped in Resident Evil: Directors Cut. I started playing it. Then I got to a part where a dog jumped through the window behind me. It scared me silly. I was terrified for a week! I think that's the reason I got a Nintendo 64 instead of a PlayStation, I was freaked out by it. So, when I saw Resident Evil CODE: Veronica on the shelf of the store, it reminded me of my past. I grabbed the game off the shelf, paid for it and went home. It wasn't scary at all, at least I didn't think so. Now, onto the review.

Graphics: 9

Great graphics. Great lighting effects. Capcom made slight improvements over the PlayStation 2 version of CODE Veronica. The character models are very well detailed. The opening FMV in this game is unbelievable! It is one of the best FMVs I've ever seen. Although FMVs aren't important to a game, it can make the gamer think he's got more than what he paid for it. The rest of the cut scenes in the game are all in real-time. You can tell because the characters aren't nearly as smooth and even blocky sometimes. From what I have played, there is no drop in framerate at all, throughout the entire game! That's quite a feat all on it's own. Unlike other Resident Evil games, this game has real-time polygonal backgrounds as opposed to prerendered back drops. The difference is that now, stuff can happen in the background, where as with prerendered, the background stays the same, only changing for scenery. This is a nice touch Capcom added. I hope they don't go back to prerendered...

Game Play: 7

This is where the game takes a slight hit. Veterans of the series will have no problem popping the game in and playing off the bat. Others, like me, who haven't had as much experience with resident Evil games, might get frustrated at the hard to master controls. No matter where the camera is located, which is always fixed, by the way, you have to push up to go forward. This can get very frustrating at times. At least Capcom included a way to turn 180 degrees. This is helpful when trying to flee from zombies or other monsters. There are three playable characters in this game, Claire Redfield, who was in Resident Evil 2, Chris Redfield, Claires older brother, who starred in resident Evil 1, and a brand new character, Steve Burnside. At different points of the game, you will have to take on the role of each individual to complete the mission.

Sound/Music: 9

The music fits in perfectly with the mood. dark, gloomy, kind of spooky music. Sometimes, when you open a door, it will open really slow. The controller will begin to thump every few seconds like a heart beat. This is a great way to create suspense. The sound effects are very well suited to what they are. Zombies, for instance. When you enter a room with them, you will hear their moans of agonizing pain. When they walk, you can hear the flesh of their rotting corpse drag across the ground. You can hear the sound of blood sloshing on the floor when they are drinking somebody's blood. The guns, sound like guns for the most part. Capcom did a great job with the sound effects and I hope they only improve with newer games.

Rent/Buy: Buy

This is a really good game. Sure, once you know how do everything, and very quickly, it can be beaten in under four and a half hours, but I've yet to see somebody do that. I think I clocked about seventeen hours my first time though. Also, once you've beaten the game once, you will unlock the battle mode. You also start the game off with a special mode entitled ''Battle Game'' Basically, you have to run through all the rooms in the level, while killing every single last monster, as fast as you possibly can! Some zombies have TNT strapped to their backs, so watch out for them. This mode most certainly adds extra replay value, so it's all good.

Last Comments: Resident Evil CODE: Veronica is a great game! One truely worth of a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/01, Updated 07/31/03

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