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Reviewed: 01/31/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Never in my life have I played a more addicting game

When I first heard of Pokemon, I thought the whole thing was overrated. I refused to play or watch anything Pokemon-related, because I thought the whole thing was a way for Nintendo to sucker little kids into buying a white lunch box with a Pokemon sticker on it for 15 dollars more than the actual lunch box would cost. But then I got a Game Boy Color which came with Pokemon Yellow, so I gave in and played Pokemon Yellow. And boy am I glad I did. Im no Pokemaniac, but Pokemon Yellow is the most addicting game I have ever played in my entire life.

Graphics (7/10): They're actually pretty good, especially for a Game Boy game. The battle scenes look nice, and the detail in the overworld is pretty good. I would have given the game a higher score if it had more usage of the color abilities of Game Boy Color. I understand why the game does not have full color (By the time Game Boy Color came out Pokemon Yellow was too far in development to go back and add color) but it would have made the graphics a lot better.

Music/Sound (6/10): Game Boy games have never been known for its audio capabilities, and this game will do nothing to change that. But the game does feature decent music, including a pretty good battle theme. The sound effects are good but not ground breaking. The music and sound is pretty good for a Game Boy game, but dont expect a soundtrack that you'd want to buy.

Gameplay/Control (10/10): Control is perfect. Now onto gameplay. Never have I played a more addicting game in my entire life. The point of Pokemon is to capture Pokemon using Pokeballs, then to train them by using them in battles. The battles are your typical menu-based fare, and the Pokemon gain levels by gaining experience points. There are over 150 Pokemon to catch, so you'll be busy for a while. Addicitng, fun, and great.

Replay Value (10/10): This game is so much fun and addicitng you won't wanna stop playing!! And with over 150 Pokemon to catch you'll be busy for a while.

Challenge (9/10): The game isnt that difficult, but the main challenge in the game is finidn all the Pokemon.

Fun Factor (10/10): Okay, I underestimated the Pokemon game series. Pokemon Yellow is really fun and highly addictuve.

Main question: Should I get Yellow if I own Red/Blue?
Well Ive only played Yellow, but from what I hear the only improvements from Red/Blue are you get Pikachu from the beginning and there are different Pokemon you can/can't catch, the designs of the Pokemon are different, and the Pokemon you can catch are in different places. If thats enough changes for you, then go for it. This game is great!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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