Review by Moochthemonkey

Reviewed: 01/20/04

Converting electronic keychain toys into video games just does not work.

You may have an electronic Tamagotchi in your house. If you do not know what a Tamagotchi is exactly, they are virtual pets that you can carry around and nurture. There were many different types of these toys from underwater Tamagotchis to Angel Tamagotchis. Many other virtual pets were made in attempt to imitate this distinctive toy, but they all fell short. And that is a good thing. Tamagotchi has always demonstrated poor quality in trying to entertain people no matter what your age is. Later on, when the fad was almost dead, Bandai decided to create a Tamagotchi game for the Gameboy console. This was a horrible idea.

The gameplay is absolutely horrid and dull. Even the most upbeat babysitters and soccer moms will consider this garbage. I’ll admit that making the idea of raising pets is a unique and a creative idea, but when you put this into a game, it doesn’t work at all. All you do is watch your insipid looking Tamagotchi prance around the screen while you must complete daily tasks, like feeding your Tamagotchi certain foods, giving it proper love and appraisal, and cleaning up his excretions as he/she removes their bodily waste. Then your Tamagotchi will go to sleep for a while. This process repeats over and over again, until your pet knocks on death’s door. Once in a while a certain misshapen will ensue to your Tamagotchi, sometimes it sick, and in that case you will have to give it medicine. This can happen by the trite pet not consuming a healthy diet, or not exercising it enough. Usually when a Tamagotchi gets sick, it is hard to maintain its health and it will die. I am not a heartless person, but I cannot say I was heartbroken when my Tamagotchi had to go.

While raising your Tamagotchis, you may get a chance to enter it in tournaments, whether he/she is entering a race, to get better for entering these events, your Tamagotchi must have studied hard, or even trained like an athlete. Training your Tamagotchi is utterly ridiculous; your pet will have to solve unbelievably easy equations like 4+9. On the other hand, when your pet races to catch balls, it is even worse; you have to press left or right and then there is 50-50 chance whether he will listen to your command. Of course, Tamagotchi wouldn’t be as horrendous as it was if it didn’t have it’s uncared for “smile” game. Come on Bandai, Pong has better value than this!

It is especially hard to care for your Tamagotchi since it so downright ugly. The graphics are horrible; everything looks like a child in preschool drew it. I find it hard to love such a thing that looks like an uneven blob with two dots on its face and a curve for a mouth. Who knows, maybe the Tamagotchis were beaten with the ugly stick before they landed on earth. In addition, the sound and audio are horrendous too. The sound is very queer and unusual. The Tamagotchi makes little squeaks if he is happy and low-tone beeps if he is mad. Even worse, a tedious, cheery tune plays as the Tamagotchi frolics on the floor. Very, very annoying. This forces me to reach a finger to turn off the volume.

The game is very short, thankfully. Once you are done with the game for the first time, you unquestionably will not come back to play this. Tamagotchi exhibits poor quality in all attributes- gameplay, sound, graphics, and replay value. All these flaws within in the game makes it receive a well deserved score of 1/10. Of course, I advise you not to buy it or rent, unless if you are planning to start a bonfire.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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