You are the Predator! You're the last of a clan that's been decimated by an overwhelming number of savage aliens. Their numbers and ferocity can only mean one thing - they're defending an alien queen! Defend your honor! Defend your clan's honor! Hunt the queen and take revenge. Use your awesome Predator weaponry: laser cannons, wristblades, cutting disk, bombs and cloaking device as you fight your way through hordes of vicious alien hordes,face-huggers and chest-bursters on 7 maze-like levels in your quest for the ultimate trophy: the alien queen!

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#37 lowest rated GB action game (#54 on GB, #3323 overall)


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#50 hardest GB action game (#112 on GB, #2793 overall)


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#24 shortest GB action game (#47 on GB, #1975 overall)


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