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"Very frustrating but still a good game"

Sheep is a puzzle game in which you the sheepdog must herd your flock of sheep to the end of the level. Sounds simple. It can be, but many obstacles lie in your way, from combines and cattle grids, to mincing machines and trapdoors. You must guide your sheep through increasingly challenging levels.

The gameplay is very simple. B to bark, D-pad to move your dog, and A is the action button. There are 2 game modes, normal and arrange mode. In normal, you follow the basic idea of getting your sheep from A to B. In arrange mode however, you can train your dog up levels; your sheep have levels of affection and their own personality. You must still get them from A to B but there is the RPG element of levelling. This game is very frustrating, and can make people smash up their GBA in anger.

Graphics, Sound:
The graphics are very suitable for this type of game. The isometric view works very well with the games mechanics. The detail is a bit poor. Sometimes I can mistake a sheep dip from an out of control sheering machine. The music for this game is quite annoying; it can be turned off though. The sheep sounds are very good. But the squeaking noise the dog makes, and the sound of sheep being electrocuted or minced is a bit odd.

One day two sheep were discussing what was over the ranches fence. One said
“It looks like fields and more fields”.
“I like fields” said the other.
And so they jumped the fence and went off exploring. However all the other sheep followed. When the sheepdog came to check the sheep were long gone. The dog, with its career on the line follows them. Not knowing were they will end up. Don’t worry though; the mysterious sheep man is on hand to give you some pointers.

If you are a puzzle game fan then this is for you. It is very frustrating and impossible to master, you may find yourself completely stuck halfway through, but persevere to the end and you may want to play it again and again. This game has 25 levels to plough through so there is a very good lifespan in it.

This game is very frustrating. It is great fun when you can do it, but it may soon become near impossible. The sound is very annoying, and the graphics not that detailed. But if you persevere you have an original and classic puzzle game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/30/03

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