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"A good classic game, showed off the power of Genesis"

When you look back on the video game history, there are few games that are truly said to have ''changed history''. Pong. Donkey Kong. Super Mario Bros. And I consider Sonic the Hedgehog to be in this elite group of games. Why? Because when Sonic was released, Nitendo was no longer invincible. This was the beginning of the video game scene turning to more than one major competitor. Remember that during the NES days the only main system was the NES. When the Genesis and Sonic came out, the scene focused to Sega and Nintendo. Anyways, historical prefrences aside, Sonic the Hedgehog is a cool game, but alas, I prefer the sequel because of the fun gameplay featured in part two. But either game, you can't go wrong.

Graphics (8/10): The game showed off the power of the Genesis and showcased the sppedy processor and the speeds that it was capable of handling. The backgrounds are evry colorful and look very cool, and the enemy designs are very well done. Sonic 2 may look better but these graphics are perfectly fine with me.

Music/Sound (8/10): The Sonic series has always had good music, in my opinion, and while the music in this game isn't as good as the other ones it's still pretty good. The music sounds good and is very well orchrestrated. it has the hip beat to it that the Sonic series is trying to convey. The sound effects are good as well, the sound of rings flying around is very well done.

Gameplay/Control (7/10): I do not think that the gameplay in Sonic 1 matches that of Sonic 2, but its still good nevertheless. Basically the game consits of you flying through stages collecting rings. You get hit by an enemy, you lose your rings, but you can still collect a few back because when you get hit they fly out of you. The gameplay is good overall.

Replay Value (4/10)

Challenge (6/10)

Overall (8/10): The Sonic series has gotten off to a good start.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 07/16/01

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