Review by Moochthemonkey

Reviewed: 09/24/03

It’s everybody’s favorite green robot!

As Vectorman returns from a daily mission, he is sent an email that says that the malevolent villain Warhead, has captured the drones in his scheme in trying to wipe out the human race. Now it’s up to Vectorman, the lime green robot, who has booster packs on his shoes, shoots blasts out of the palm of his hands, and has the ability to morph into amazing objects and creatures, to stop Warhead. Blast your way through over 15 thrilling levels as you follow the television receivers, to where Warhead stands in his lair.

This game has Playstation quality, especially in the graphics area. I don’t know any other game that has this good graphics. The animations are amazing too. The way Vectorman shoots or if one of the beetle enemies dives into Vectorman is in a sweet, totally futuristic style. It sets a great 3D tone in this two dimensional side-scrolling game.

The sound is great. I am not really interested in the techno genre, but the soundtrack has nice tunes. I have to admit that the blasts and explosions are perfected, as well as the jetpacks and the rockets, and just blowin’ up stuff. The Electronica style goes right in with Vectorman blowing up the bosses in his path. You also can access secret bonus rounds too, by obliterating certain objects. The Bonus Rounds are good ways of upping your score, and that is something you are going to want to do.

The game is fun and not easy either. You play in over 15 levels, at a port, laboratory, and even in a bamboo mill. The levels are well designed, and there are hidden areas packed in there too. You also will encounter the boss levels once in a while, when you go head to head with Warhead. In those levels, Vectorman will take form in a “dancing fool” a train, and a cricket, as he escapes from the claws and feet from the adversary.

Not even can Vectorman hop like a cricket, but Vectorman can transform into seven more items/animals! When in need of cracking thorough a floor, he turns into a drill. If a wall is in the way, why not turn into a bomb and explode? Need to do things the fast way? Zoom through levels in a buggy! Something Vectorman’s booster packs can’t reach? Why not renovate into a jet? What? You want more explosions? Then how about a missile instead? It may be hard to swim and all, after all Vectorman is a robot. Therefore, why not go for a dip as a fish? Lastly, Vectorman has the ability to transform into a parachute. But that’s not all Vectorman can do…

When you want more action shooting, Vectorman can just break the television receivers. Inside the television receivers there maybe health, photons (points in this game) time, checkpoints and more. Vectorman might also come across many power ups. Now Vectorman can shoot automatic style, or even receive a nucleus shield to protect himself, and more. They all have a certain bit of ammo, so when it is out, it back to your normal gun.

You will fight a variation of foes too. You will have to watch out for the vigilant turrets all around the levels. They come in packs too; you will have to watch out for the beetles that come after you by diving right into you. Then there is the Strong enemy too, Sludge Pilot. He got up early this morning, so he is cranky and will bang the ground causing earthquakes! There also are the two enemies that you will have to use skill and strategy to conquer, Doorman and Marge.

I could only find one thing wrong with this game. The boss battles. They should have been longer and they have a lack of control. It was somewhat frustrating with Vectorman dancing over the disco floor with having absolutely no control of him. Somehow, the level would be finished in like thirty seconds or so.

Overall, this game delivers hours of fun and has plenty of replay value. (Even though there is nothing to unlock) So, if you are into futuristic stuff, like techno, and are a fan of action games, this 10/10 game Vectorman, is perfect for you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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