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"A fun adaption of the classic trivia series"

Usually the best multiplayer games aren't as fun to play single-player. Sure there have been some rare exceptions to this (Goldeneye, anyone?) but usually the greatest muliplayer games have a lacking single player mode. Does You Don't Know Jack: Volume 3 have a great single player mode? Well, its okay, but everyone knows that multiplayer is where it's at in this great and very fun trivia game. The game is unlike any other trivia series because of the unqiueness of both the questions and annoncers. Instead of getting boring questions like ''Who built the city of Timbuktu'' you get such fun category as ''Peter Piped A Bunch Of Peppers'' It really is quite fun, and the normal trivia buff would be unable to really understand what's going on.

Music and sound wise, the announcer is both smart, funny, and witty. He cracks jokes on ya, like ''the point of the buzzer, Player Two, is to buzz in with the answer'' It really is quite funny. Also the announcer (named Cookie) has an unique way of reading both the questions and the categories which is both funny and unique. Also, when the question number is being calle out it is called out in a certain way which is very amusing, to say the least.

This game is unlike any other trivia game ever made because of the uniqueness of the questions. You won;t find any questions about anceinet civilaztions here, instead you'll answer funny little questions hat you'd probably wouldn't get right but it is sill fun anyways. Single player mode is lacking due to the lack of replay value but the multiplayer mode is fun and overall very good. It is fun as hell to buzz in real quick then screw your best bud.

Overall You Dont Know Jack: Volume 3 combines witty announcing with funny questions and a multiplayer mode unlike any other. This game is a blast!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/27/00, Updated 07/16/01

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