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"More than just a Mario Kart 64 ripoff"

Usually when a popular, unique game is made, lots of ripoffs are made, sometimes even by the same company (Capcom with ''JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'' for instance). Mario Kart 64 was no exception. Despite the fact it was really just an updated version of the classic Super Nintendo game, the gameplay was upgraded somewhat and the type of gameplay it featured had never been seen on the Nintendo 64 console before. So Nintendo decided to cash in on the craze by releasing a game called Diddy Kong Racing. Diddy Kong Racing was really nothing more than Mario Kart 64 w/different charcaters, it seems at first, but you soon notice there are a few additions to the game which saves it from just going into the bargain bin as being considered just another old ripoff of a very popular game.

Graphics (8.6/10): The graphics in this game are very well done. The charcater designs are wonderful and the frame rate remains constant, which is important in a racing game such as this one. The backgrounds are smooth and very well done, and the different type of effects found in the game add a nice touch to an already great graphical game.

Music/Sound (9.3/10): Diddy Kong Racing had amazing tunes and I was surprised to hear the quality of the music coming from a console like Nintendo 64, which has always been considered to have bad music quality. The sound effects are great as well, ranging from the crashing of the veichles to the noise it makes when it starts up. Great music and good sound effects.

Gameplay/Control (8.9/10): At first the game seems nothing more than a Mario Kart 64 ripoff but you soon notice a few additions. One, the different characters. It doesnt really seem like a big difference but it is a difference nevertheless. Two, the adventure mode. It really adds a lot to the gameplay. Finally, the different type of veichles you can get. Instead of just a kart, you can also use a biplane, and other great veichles. Great gameplay.

Replay Value: High
Challenge: Medium

Overall (9.2/10): More than just a Mario Kart 64 ripoff, Diddy Kong expands on those ideas enough to make it warrant at least a weekend rental, if not a purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/19/00, Updated 07/16/01

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