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"Being the best multiplayer game on N64, this is a party you shouldn't miss."

The Nintendo 64 has had a lack of certain games, but one genre that has done well is the multiplayer games. The original Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers, Wrestlemania 2000, and Goldeneye 007 have all been great muliplayer games. But in my opinion Mario party 2 is the best multiplayer game on the Nintendo 64 out there. Now before you start flaming me, let me tell you why. Your first complaint may be that Mario party 2 is too much like the original to be considered a true sequel. Well in truth, the game has a lot of added features and bonuses to be considered a true sequel. The game may seem a little too compliacated when you start playing, but you soon get into it. Its a good one player game, but like most Nintendo 64 games the muliplayer mode is a lot better. The Nintendo 64 took advantage of one of its advantages over Playstation, the muliplayer support.

Graphics (8.3/10): The graphics in the game take full advantage of the Nintendo 64's processing power. The graphics are very colorful (some may say too colorful) but theyre very god. The backgounds look like they come straight out of a RPG. I hope they do make a RPG with these kind of graphics. Anyways the graphics are in a pseudo-3d /2D hybrid which is cool as heck. Overall the graphics are pretty good.

Music/Sound (7.7/10): Well, the music does nothing to establish the Nintendo 64 as a non-kiddy game machine. The music is wacky and sounds too much like a kid's game. Some of the tracks are good though. The sound effects are great and are of Square-quality believe it or not.

Gameplay/Control (9.5/10): Mario party 2 is one of the best muliplayer games out there, but I had a lot of fun with the single player mode as well. The game itself is a turn-based board game where you take turns rolling dice and moving spaces. The point is to collect coins and stars. There are item shops to buy stuff at, including mushrooms which allow you to roll two times in a row. The mini games are fun and ingenois. This game is the epitome of good game design.

Replay Value (10/10): Perfect muliplayer replay value.

Challenge (8.1/10): Depends on who you're facing, I guess.

Overall (9.3/10): Not only the third best multiplayer game also, but a very good single player game, as well

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/04/00, Updated 07/16/01

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