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Reviewed: 07/06/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Not as good as the Playstation version..


Wow. If I had one word used to describe NBA Live 2000, that would be it. This game is simply incredible. It already was the best basketball series around, and NBA Live '99 was an incredible game. But guess what, NBA Live 2000 runs circles around the competition and the former games in the series. My former favorite game in the series was NBA Live 98, but now NBA Live 2000 has eclipsed even that game. EA Sports did their homework and corrected almost every flaw that the previous games did. And they got Michael Jordan as well. That helps :) Of course, I am not that big of a fan of Michael Jordan so I do not care about that too much, but I am sure that all of the Michael Jordan fans out there are happy about his inclusion in the game. Overall, NBA Live 2000 is a great game!

Graphics (9.8/10)

The graphics are great. The players are very nicely designed, and when viewed close up they don't look like some mutation. The arenas are reproduced very nicely, and the team logos are perfect and true to form. The game also features an incredible FMV at the start, featuring all the top NBA stars ''shaking what their mamma gave them'' (according to the cool song that plays during the FMV). The graphics during one on one street ball are outstanding as well, as it looks just like an inner city basketball court.

One problem that I had with the graphics in some of the earlier games in the series is the fact that the player models during the replay screens realeren't up to par, as most of them consisted of pointy headed players with some raggedety excuse for a basketball, but the graphics during the replay screens in NBA Live 2000 are actually pretty good!

Overall, the graphics in NBA Live 2000 are very good, and EA Sports did a great job in correcting most of the graphical flaws of the earlier games in the series.

Music/Sound (6.8/10)

The music that plays before and after the game has a Urban/Hip Hop beat to it, which I like. Then you hit the actual game, and the fun stops. No music (except at halftime) and the commentary is lacking. An occasional ''Alley Oop'' accompanied by an occasional ''He's leading the team in scoring'' is all you really get.

Music: The music in the game is actually pretty good. I especially enjoy some of the phat beats that play before the game actually starts. For instance, I caught a couple of Naughty by Nature songs on the game, and the songs were pretty cool, especially the ''Hip Hop Hooray'' one. Also, a cool tune plays in the Full Motion Video scene while the game boots up. The tune goes like this: ''Shake what your momma gave you, pass me the rock''... Great music!

Sound effect wise, I feel NBA Live 2000 could have been a little bit better. The commentary is okay but I feel that with the talent that EA Sports provided to do the commentary (Ernie Johnson and Reggie Theus) that the commentary could have been better. Still, the sound effects in the game are still pretty good.

Overall, the music and sound effects are pretty solid.

Gameplay/Control (8.7/10)

This game blows away the previous games in the series. There are more options then ever before. Let me just list the
improvements/changes in the game. The AI seems to be a little more improved, which always helps. There is a new legend
mode which increases the replay value a lot. You unlock legends by accomplishing certain feats, ranging from a player scoring a triple double in superstar mode to beating michael jordan in simulation mode. The one-on-one mode is cool as well as you can get any regular NBA player to go against a legend, including the man himself (note i hate Michael Jordan. I always use Nick Anderson or Allen Iverson to whoop him up. That's what happens when you charge 250 dollars for a pair of shoes, my friend.).

Like I was saying before, there are plenty of modes in the game, from the regular modes to the new one-on-one street ball mode. Still, a problem with the game is the fact that you need at least 12 blocks of memory card space open just to complete a season with saved stats. I think that is a little ridiculous and completely unneccesary!

Control wise, the control in NBA Live 2000 is great, and I like the default control settings of the game, and the fact that you can change the control settings is also great.

Overall, NBA Live 2000 still has great gameplay and control, although there are still a few flaws, mainly in the saving department.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value (High)

The Legends mode adds to the replay value, because you have to complete a lot of tasks throughout the season and game modes to unlock certain legends.

Challenge (Medium)

It's improved over the past two years, but still not to the level that I would have liked to see.

Fun Factor (8.7/10)

Very fun and addictive gameplay!

Overall (8.8/10)

The best basketball game I've ever played, and it even beats NBA Live 98! The Playstation version is better, though.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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