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Quest 64: Great graphics, good sound, but poor gameplay11/01/99A-Dude
Should this game get the privelage of being called a RPG? Just think about it.......there'll be a sequel!11/01/99Behreandto
The game that's been looked over to much03/28/02Crazy C Gamer
I felt like I've wasted 5$08/01/01crazymonkey
A sorry excuse for an RPG04/20/03Dragon9
Not as bad as people say but it's certainly not good ether...03/21/01DrDoak2001
Did the first RPG on the Nintendo 64 really have to be like this?11/01/99Earthshaker
A great RPG, without swords and shields.08/08/02Elekid 34
Not the worst, yet, not the best, either.12/09/99FFlechas
The worst RPG that I ever played in my life01/03/05Formertechno34
A boy who is a Spirit Tamer? Itís worth a look.07/12/00greatgame
It tride to innovative but it turned out just being no fun.05/20/02kefkakicker
Yes, it's just that bad.08/05/02Koalyak
Maybe dont like Final Fantasy, but this game its worth a try!!!10/06/00kyle_katarn2000
This game ain't all it's cracked up to be11/01/99LJones
I dub thee, Sir underrated!03/28/01Magna
Maybe THQ should quit making RPGS?01/16/03Mastermind2k
Nintendo must be embarrassed at the sight of "THIS" RPG.11/01/99MasterReviewer
Flawed and annoying, yet, for some extremely odd reason... Very addictive... Well, it was.10/30/06Obeliskos
An insult to all RPG's08/09/00Overmind
I didn't know a game could BE this BAD...09/15/00Perfect Ice
Curiosity killed the cat11/01/99Stephen T
This game makes me cry11/01/99Stinger
I really don't even know where to begin...08/12/09Tenshi No Shi
It satified me while I waited on Zelda, It's worth a 10!!!06/19/00vahnbleak
I happen to like hitting people with a stick!06/07/01Vincento
Geez Luize! How underrated can a game get?07/09/01Whopper
So, what really makes thi game bad?11/01/99XNiteWingz
One of the Worst RPG's Ever!!!08/22/01ZeldaGuy

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