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Reviewed: 06/26/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

I like it more than Zelda!


Aye carumba!!! Sure I thought Quest was bad but never this bad!!! Do not even think for a minute that this game is anywhere close to being good becuase it is not!!! Take all your classic RPG elements and throw them out the window!!! While Quest 64 does have its good points, it does have lots of flaws, including a ton of battles and magic problems.

Yeah, this game is a little above average. It does have some fun elements to it, mainly the battle system and magic system incorporated into the game. Both are very unique. However, there are a couple of major problems with the game. Mainly, the storyline sucks, and the level and gold raising system is very unique, yet absolutely frustrating. So, the game is definetly a mixed bag.

Read on as I bash on this 60 percent completed RPG some more.

Graphics (8.4/10)

Boy, if only the rest of the game was as good as the graphics, we'd have a classic game on our hands!!! The graphics are great and the backgrounds are very well done!!! The enemy designs and character designs are good as well. The
only problems are the terrible camera and the fact that there are a lot of empty rooms throughout the game. Yes, the graphics are decent. What a surprise.

Enemy designs in the game are decent. Nothing spectacular here, just your basic designs. The enemy designs are pretty good, as I like how there is a variety of cool enemy designs in the game. Most RPGs have the same enemy repeating itself, only with a diffrent color. Quest 64 also does this somewhat, but there is definitely a nice variety of enemy designs in the game.

Character Designs: The character designs in the game are fantastic, as well. I especially like the design of some of the minor characters in the game, but the main character, Brian, has a pretty basic design to him, as he is absically just a guy with a cape and a big old wooden stick (seriously). Overall, the enemy and characetr designs in the game are pretty good, and I definitely like the variety in them.

Overall, the graphics in Quest 64 are surprisingly decent. There is little to no graphical breakup, and the backgrounds are great. The enemy and character designs in the game are really top notch, as well. The only main problem I have with the graphics in the game is the damn camera system moves too much, forcing you to not be able to see where you are and where you are going. Other than that, the graphics are good.

Music and Sound Effects (3.8/10)

The Nintendo 64, as a video game console, has never really been known to have great audio capabilities. This is due to the fact that the system uses the cartridge format, not the CD format. So don't expect this game to sound like some of the better Playstation RPGs out there. Regardless, the game still sounds kind of average. The music really drags it down, however.

Music in the game is a mixed bag. On one hand, I liked the battle theme in the game. It reminded me a lot of some of the battle music in the old Final Fanatsy games. The battle theme is definitely the best music in the game, in my opinion. Otherwise, the music is good, but certainly not great. The biggest problem with the music is the fact that it sounds way too kiddy for my tastes. Yeah, the whole game is kiddy. But the music really does not sound good at all, especially in some of the darker, more mysterious places. Overall, the battle theme is great, otherwise the music in the game is below average at best.

Sound effects in the game are very interesting. I wish there would have been voice acting featured in the game, because I always think that voice acting in a RPG is pretty good. Regardless of whether or not there is voice acting in the game, the sound effects are still pretty good. Most of the sound effects occur during battle. Most of them, not all of them. The rest of them range from the sound of your guy walking around during the game to the sound of the voice bubbles popping up. Overall, the sound effects are great!

Overall, the music and sound effects in the game are a bit on the below average side. The battle theme in the game is awesome, but otherwise the music is way on the kiddy side and overall very disappointing. The sound effects are merely average, as there is nothing here that hasn't been heard a million times before.

Control (8.4/10)

It does have a sort of innovative system where pushing one of the C buttons brings up one of four types of magic, but the control overall is stiff. I really hate the analog stick on the N64 contol pad!! Call it bias, I don't care, I just don't like walking around with the analog stick. Otherwise, the control is great. Overall, the control is good, but I wish there was a better way to control the camera.

Gameplay (5.6/10)

Man, Quest 64 had so much potential. The graphics are awesome and there is a lot of stuff to do. Too bad the game stinks. First off, you get the same staff for the whole freaking game. Second, while there are a lot of NPCs, you can only
control Brian and his freaky haircut throughout the game. Third, while the magic system seems cool, you only need to master Earth and Water. In fact, you cannot beat the game without mastering those two!!! That sucks!!!

Thirdly, most of the level building is random, sure you can see how much more you need to raise a level (in one of four categories, nontheless) but it doesn't let you know after battle. It doesn't let you know when you went up in certain category either. You do not gain gold in Quest, people just give you everything. The dungeons are crap and not complicated.

Finally, the thing I hate most about Quest is how much freaking battles there are!!! You cannot turn the corner without running into a battle!! Too bad, with some work Quest could have been something special. I mean, the game introduces a lot of new ideas, and the battle system is fun. However, the rest of the game is too diferent for my liking.

Battle System: Quest 64 has one of the most unique battle systems I have ever seen in a RPG. Quest 64 combines turn based and real time combat to deliver an unique blend of battle styles. Basically, you attack your opponent, and then your opponent attacks you. You can walk inside of the gridded area. If your opponent is in the gridded area, you can attack it. Also, if your gridded area runs through the outside gridded area, then you can escape from the battle. I like the unique battle system in the game.

Overall, the game is fun to play, but does have some major problems, which I already listed above. I still cannot believe that you can't buy anything in the game. Everybody just gives stuff to you. What's up with that? I did like the battle system in the game. That's about all I liked a lot though.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: Medium

I actually wanted to play through this game until I beat it. Then, as you may expect, I did not have the urge to play the game for a while. Hell, I hadn't played the game for a year before I pulled the game out of the closet so I could re-review it. The replay value is decent while playing the game, but once you beat it, you probably wouldn't want to play it again.

Challenge: Medium

Actually, this game would have been pretty easy had it not been for one thing: the fact that there are so much freaking battles in the game. Otherwise, the game is a decent challenge. Nothing spectacular, though. The weird thing of the game is the fact that every few steps you took, you regained magic points. So dying in the game isn't really an option, seeing as how you could cure, then walk around and regain the MP you spent curing yourself. Overall, the challenge in the game is decent.


-The battle system is really quite unique.
-The graphics in the game are pretty good.
-The battle theme in the game is great.


-You do not gain any gold in the game.
-The level up system is weird.
-The game just seems too kiddy.

Overall (5.7/10)

Overall, the game is fun to play, but does have some major problems, which I already listed above. I still cannot believe that you can't buy anything in the game. Everybody just gives stuff to you. What's up with that? I did like the battle system in the game. That's about all I liked a lot though.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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