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"Do we REALLY need another Rampage??"

The original Rampage was a fun game where you played the bad guys who had to go around destroying buildings while eating humans for points. It was a fun game that I still play on my Nintendo. But when I heard of the new Rampage game coming out, I was shocked. The last thing the world needs is another Rampage game, and the game confirmed my worst nightmares: the game is basically just Rampage with improved graphics and a few new level designs. That's it. The repetive gameplay and low replay value of the original is in here, as well. I would reccomend avoiding this game unless you have never played the original, in which case this game would make a good weekend rental. You'd probably get sick of it by the end of the weekend.

Graphics (7.5/10): The graphics are improved over the original Rampage. Thankfully the game retained its 2D, side scrolling look, I cannot imagine how bad the game would be if it was 3D. Basically, the graphics are very colorful and pretty good overall. Some of the slowdown present in the original is in here as well.

Music/Sound (NA): I cannot remember the music and sound effects in Rampage: World Tour so I will not comment on them at this time.

Gameplay/Control (3.3/10): Repetitive gameplay, here we come. The game starts off pretty good, but you soon get bored of it. You'd probably would never beat it, because the game has a lot of levels. This is one of the few games I could remember (the others being the Deception series and Legacy of Kain series for PSX) where you play as the ''bad guys'' Thats cool. You get a choice of Lizzy, a green Godzilla looking thing, and George, a big hairy ape. Cool. Multiplayer mode is a fun part of the game, the single player mode gets old quick

Replay Value (4.1/10): A good weekend rental.

Challenge (9.9/10): Play some of the later stages.

Overall (3.6/10): Do we REALLY need another Rampage? I was perfectly satisfied with the orignal, this game brings nothing new to the table and the gameplay gets old evry quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/28/00, Updated 07/16/01

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