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Reviewed: 03/20/01 | Updated: 07/31/03

I still can't believe it's only paper...

Introduction-My first impression of this game was, PAPER! are they crazy,but that was my first impression,after playing it,i was pleasantly surprised.The game is fun easy to play and lasts for about 24 hours,more if you're one of those people that like's to go off,collecting every last item in the game.While you are traveling throughout the game,you will meet special characters that you add to your party,theses party members have different abilities and help you on your quest. One more thing, this game is rumered to be the sequel to the classic ''Super mario RPG'', so if you liked Super mario RPG, then you will like this one. The one thing that would've made this game much much better would have been a multiplayer option. Imagine,a paper deathmatch,that would rule,of course instead of guns and stuff,there would be hammers and stuff, but it's just a thought well, now on to the review...

Story line-8/10-Well not much has changed since the first Super mario for the NES,mario is still fighting bowser, and bowser is still kidnapping peach. Except this time...Bowser has stolen the star rod,a magical rod that allows the star spirits to grant wishes to people. Well,with the rod, Bowser has made himself invincible. Mario's job is to recover the star rod from Bowser and return peace to Star Haven.

Gameplay-10/10-The gameplay is great in this game.If you make a ''first strike'',you get to have a free attack before the fight starts. The battling,is basically classic RPG style (choose an attack from a menu) except for the fact that there are ''action commands'',theses commands do different things depending on the attack,you might have to press A right before you hit an enemy,or you might have to hold A for a certain amount of time.There are ,ots of different ones and they make your attacks do more damage,increase your defense,scare enemies out of the battle,etc. Also on the field,it is like any other Mario game(except it's paper),you see enemies running around,etc. to solve puzzles you may have to use the ablilities of one of your parteners,or use your trusty hammer or boots.

Graphics-9/10-Well although not what many people were expecting, these geaphics are quite nice for what they are supposed to be,paper. I was expecting really nice 3D graphics when i heard of this ''sequel'', although the sprites are not 3D,the are in a semi 3D world,it is almost like a pop-up book.

Sound-7/10-We all know that it is hard to get really nice sound on a cartridge(Conkers Bad Fur Day was a huge exception),the sounds were good,sure the music didn't get your heart racing or anything, but it was still ok sound. The one thing i didn't like is that ALL of the music is in this sort of a happy,chirpy kind of song

Replayability-7/10-Some people might want to play this game again,while others,will never totally complete the game. But i think you would want to play it agin,I've played it over 3 times already and I'm still not tired of it,but thats me,i still have things to do on my first file,that I probaly wont complete for a while

Rent/Buy-Well if you like RPG's and/or you like Super Mario RPG,then i definately recommend buying it. If your not to fond of the whole RPG genere, then i suggest renting and if you like it,the go out and buy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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