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Reviewed: 02/16/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Finally the Nintendo 64 gets an above-average fighting game...

The Nintendo 64 is a system filled with incapabilities and lack of software. It is still puzzling to me how a system with two great fighting games and one rpg (quest 64) has sold so well. The only reason I purchased my Nintendo 64 was to get Wrestlemania 2000, but I got Super Smash Brothers. When I first got the game, I had no clue how to play it. It was weird, with the little lifebar at the bottom. But once you figure out how to play the game and get into it for a while, you'll start having a grand old time. Super Smash Brothers is without a doubt the best fighting games on the Nintendo 64 and one of the few reasons to purchase the system.

Graphics (9/10): Yes, the graphics are good. This is to be expected from ''the most powerful system out there'' (when compared to PSX and Saturn). The graphics are very colorful and bright, and I enjoy how all the stages are set up. For instance, the Mushroom Kingdom looks just like the original Super Mario Bros. stage. That's pretty cool. There is also little fog, and the shading and texture in the characters are very good. Overall, quality graphics, to be expected fom a 64-bit powerhouse.

Audio (8/10): The music in each of the stages are pretty good, and I enjoy almost all the tunes in the game. The music ranges from the classic Mario Bros. music to the classic Music in Zelda. The music is orchetrated perfectly and blends well into the gameplay. The sound effects are very good, as well. Overall, good audio effects, especially for the Nintendo 64.

Gameplay/Control (8/10): Like I stated early, Super Smash Bros. is not your ordinary fighting game. If you're looking for a Tekken 3 tyoe fighter than stay away, because Super Smash Bros. is way different. While most fighting games involve taking away all your opponents energy while pushing certain button combinations, Super Smash Bros. requires you to throw your opponent off the edge. This is how you gain points. If you push your opponent off the edge, you gain one point and your opponent loses one, if the opponent falls off by himself then they lose one point and you do not gain any. There are also lots of adventure elements in Super Smash Brothers, because sometimes weapons fall down which you can use to gurt your opponent. You get a wide variety of characters from all your favorite Nintendo games to choose from, ranging from the psychic Ness from Earthbound to the devil itself, Pikachu from Pokemon. Each charcetr has its own stage too, each stage you must come up with a different strategy to throwing your opponent off the side because each stage is designed differently. The control is pretty good as well, as you dont have to pull off difficult button combinations to kill your enemies. Overall, top quality gameplay and control.

Replay Value (9/10): Multiplayer mode is a bladt, but the single player mode gets boring after a while.

Challenge (6/10): Not that difficult of a game.

Fun Factor (8/10): One of the best party games ever, Super Smash Brothers lives up to all the hype and delivers the top fighting game ever on the Nitendo 64!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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