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"A nice installment to the Cruis'n world"

Introduction-Well here it is,the newest installment of the ''Cruis'n'' series,and it lives up to it's reputation. Sure,the cruis'n games are better in the arcade,but that doesnt mean that they're bad for the N64. This game follows close ahead of Cruis'n' World,except in this game,you get to race on the bottom an ocean,or on mars. The controlling system is just like any other Crusin' game,so there's not really anything to explain,well on to the review...

Graphics-7/10-The only thing stopping me from giving it an 8 is that the graphics are pretty choppy,although there is no drop in the framerate. A big improvment over the other games in the series too. The exotica mode does get a little distracting though, too many bright colours! in fact, I even think i lost some of my vision playing this mode. And the driver is turned around, so he looks at you the entire race, it's scary!

Storyline-?/10-Story line? What story line? This is a racing game. The only racing game I have ever seen with a story was Diddy Kong Racing. Well, I guess you could consider ''Trying to collect all the cars'' as a semi-story, don't you think? What's that? You think I'm a loser? Oh well.

Sound/Music-5/10-Well, I gave it a passing mark. It should be about a 3 though. The game has decent sound effects but the music is just terrible. There is only a few songs and each one gets on your nerves. But at least the motor sounds somewhat like a real motor

Cars-Yes, even the cars get their own section. The cars are great. Unlike Crusin' USA where there is a choice of 7 cars, this one has a choice of 28 cars! That is alot of cars. They range from trucks to olds mobiles to F1's. You get the car you want, when you want. And theres no more going through the whole mode with one car. In this game you get to choose a new car each track! So pick one that you want! They all have their advantages and disadvantages

Rent/Buy-If and only if, you liked the old Crusin' games. Then you might buy it. If you didn't like the crusin games, then why are you even reading this review?

So in conclusion, I give this game a 6/10 overall. The game is pretty good but not alot of replay value. Too bad, could have been a better game. Oh well, we can always wait for the gamecube versions!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/11/01, Updated 07/31/03

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