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Even though this isn't really a Mario game, it's still much better than Super Mario Bros.01/30/03Aganar
"It may not be the best in the series, but it's definitely one of the most original sequels I've ever played"08/22/14alecalger
Ha!, I told you mom, vegetables are dangerous!03/12/04Braben
One of the best NES games ever02/24/01Dark33
I dream of gardens in the desert sand...01/03/05discoinferno84
When I threw vegetables at my brother, it didn't hurt him. I did have to have a time-out in the corner, though.05/20/02Doodleheimer
An underrated Mario adventure that doesn't deserve the shaft it gets11/27/12dtm666
I loved this game. Others won't even touch it with a 10-foot pole. That's the price Nintendo pays for doing something different.02/24/00fduboo
Not the best way to talk a little kid into eating vegetables...05/09/03Halron2
Throwing turnips...01/02/02KasketDarkfyre
Subcon? Odd name.04/05/10KeyBlade999
Mario's dream takes him to a whole new world of adventure!07/27/06LightAngelTora
The Series' Odd Duck Still Has Some Charm10/25/06MaineCane
Strange...but good!05/25/01Nabooru
Not just another Mario game06/18/10Ofisil
The best Mario game ever made!05/10/04PLAYS MANY GAMES
Usually the Mario sequels are weird, this is no exception07/16/01Psycho Penguin
A different, but still successful, type of Mario game12/05/06Shivan Reincarnated
Almost as fun as taking an already released game, replacing the original characters with Mario characters, then selling it to Americans! Er, wait...03/09/04shneepshnop
A somewhat misunderstood game that, remarkably, has been a strong influence on the rest of the Mario universe12/01/05SneakTheSnake
The strangest chapter in the series, but that doesn't make it bad...02/26/00Spektre
The black sheep of the NES trilogy is still a great game01/27/15TKDBoy1889
Due to being stuck between Mario 1 and Mario 3, Mario 2 is often overlooked. But make no mistake, as this game is still one of the best.12/05/05UltimaterializerX
A VERY unique sequel to Super Mario Bros. (Although in Japan, this was another game entirely).04/21/00Vegita
Mario dreaming while bathing? Sign me up!05/30/06ZFS
This game is different from the other Super Mario games.04/30/07Zylo the wolf

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Where did my pipes go?10/01/08Ali_X_Rexus
Different from the other Mario games......... but still a good game08/07/01Blackjack4x
"TE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-RRIFIC!!!" Says Tom Terrific12/27/00CBoisseau
The weirdest of the Mario Brothers' games is still awesome.05/20/02DarkDay
What happened Mario!!? You failed me...02/19/09DaZinga
It was different.....but a lot of fun!!!02/22/01dgiglio84
The RIGHT way to do "innovation" in a sequel.03/17/00EPoetker
The best game ever made04/07/00Falsiloquos
Super Mario Bros 2 is different but still fun03/27/14gamerNSC
This is the real "SMB 2" and actually makes more sense than SMB 2 did. Released in Japan only08/07/01Hiryuu
A wonderful game in general, but as a Mario game it's quite a departure03/19/08MetalMandible
The Sequel to the legendary Super Mario Brothers07/17/01MI4 REAL
The sequel is better ( there, I said it! )......10/14/00Mini Me
Super Mario's back, and you won't wanna tell him to go away.03/14/00MKnightt
Dream on!05/05/09NBAlien
The second great game in the series!03/09/01PhildotheGreat
Don't worry, the vegetables in the garden got better with age.07/23/07Rango
What a weird dream...06/25/10Retroreviewer Productions
Anything that combines Mairo and Vegetables must be good.04/01/01shigman
Mario 2 is a classic NES cart, but it's not what it seems.06/21/00StarGlider
This is just a terrible attempt at a Mario game09/14/00TAbbott
Oh Well. It Was A Nice Try07/03/08tazzyboyishere
A Mario game? No. An original game? No. A great game? Sure.11/03/00terrisus
Somewhat of a Mistake10/05/12theking375
Vegetable Plumber05/29/01Van Veen
Definitely the weirdest Mario game03/09/01Vertabreaker
It's not the greatest game I've played, but it's worthy of the Mario name08/07/01Videogamer
The black sheep of the Mario series09/08/15WhatTheDeuce92
The sequel to the legend. Could it be treated the same way? no, cuz it's the second one. Still, it is better than the first, but lower score.08/07/01Yakuza

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