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The ultimate Kirby game, much better than a lot of the others.01/27/00Aristotle
Despite it's cutesy look, it's fun.07/07/01Bowsa
EXCELLENT! Wheres the Gamecube Kirby games?02/02/03buffbiff21
A fun, impressive, but short platformer11/17/08buruburu1
Kirby's Adventure the perfect title for my 20th game review12/29/01chrono trigger fan
An NES Masterpiece05/09/08Dauragon C Mikado88
Kirby time!08/21/08DETHSHADO
Eat your way to victory! No wait...suck anything and everything!...Darn...is there a NON-suggestive way I can say this?05/02/00EPoetker
This is more than a quick review!09/25/08Heiedono
Everybody's favorite vacuum cleaner/marshmellow is here with his greatest NES Adventure08/07/01Hiryuu
What a cute hyena!10/01/02JetHyena
The Adventure of a Pink Ball of Fluff09/02/02Kelt Jade
Introducing, Everyone's favorite pink puff ball, Kirby!10/13/01Lagunathemoron
500 Wii Points for this? Not a bad bargain...02/26/07mikaa
The best Kirby game of them all10/03/02MrFortyFive
Dream Puff's Rock! Yeah!02/14/03Neo_
A classic!07/27/02NewAgeRetroHippie
An adventure for us all!12/17/07Nintendothe64th
Somewhat easy game, but very satisfying nonetheless02/13/07nmlynch2004
Kirby has new abilities. Kirby's Adventure is my second favorite.11/30/09redmario217
One of, if not THE best game ever made.06/20/01shigman
Extremely enjoyable and cute--worth owning.06/20/00StarGlider
I never thought the NES could do this...09/22/01Timmy Big Hands
A very memorable experience for such a late NES game07/31/17WhatTheDeuce92
<(o_o)> Presto it's Kirby!03/20/07Zylo the wolf

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Kirby's Adventure review - SNESdrunk
Kirby's Adventure review - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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