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"A great combination of shooter action and puzzle solving"

Section Z is one of the most original games ever created. It was released by Capcom for the NES in 1987 as a followup to the popular arcade game. The game was realtively arcade perfect and remains a very good game to play, even iun the age of dreamcast.

The graphics were surprisingly good, especially for a first generation game. They were pretty close to arcade pefect, although there is lots of graphical breakup and slowdown. The enemy and character designs were great.

The control was great, and was a good transistion from the arcade. One button was used for shooting left, the other for shooting right. The Directional Pad moved your guy around. The control was great overall, but the "shoot left, shoot right" buttons quickly get frustarting and tiresome.

The gameplay was classic shooter action all the way, with a few new inovations thrown in, making it a welcome change from the endless vertical shooters out there. While there was plenty of action, there was also a strategic elemnt to the game as well, with the addition of puzzles. After completing a section, you have a choice between two exits. Taking the right exit will move you foward, and taking the wrong exit will move you back a few sections. This is innovative indeed.

Section Z is one of the most original and innovative games ever, and does the arcade version justice. You should try to buy this game if you're a fan of shooters

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/16/01

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