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"Sometimes I don't even know why I bother."

It seems as if every childhood series that I love was turned into a crappy video game (except for Rescue Rangers, thank you Capcom!). Garfield is the latest victim. We all know how great Garfield is, whether it's in comic book format, or on his show Garfield and Friends. He's hilarious and always a blast to read. Too bad the developers of this game put him in such a horrible attempt at a video game. This game could have been good.. if Garfield got put into a different game and this one was destroyed.

There's actually a storyline in this game, but you guessed it, it sucks. Garfield has to go find Odie, and he has seven days to do it. Wow. Each level consists of one day, and at the end of the 7th day, you find Odie. This is a very interesting storyline, as I don't know why it would take seven days to rescue a dog (who would probably be without drink and food and would therefore be in deep doo doo.)

Of course, you won't actually get to play through all 7 days, unless you got amazing gaming skills. This is one of the more challenging video games I have ever played. And it's not challenging in a good way.. you know, like smart enemies, good platform challenges, etc. No, this game is challenging because of some of the stupidest and cheapest enemy AI ever, as well as the fact that you only have one life to get through the game. That's right, one life, with limited energy, and then it's all over for you. I'm assuming there's extra lives somewhere, but I can't confirm that for sure, as I never found one.

The level designs aren't exactly inspired, either. There are more tables located in Jon's house than physically possible. His house is also apparently the size of Donald Trump's. This would be somewhat acceptable if the level designs were decent, as video games aren't really supposed to be realistic to begin with. However, these level designs are awful. Most of them involve jumping over enemies, then jumping on tables, and collecting stupid icons. Over and over. You'd think the stages would improve as the game went on.. but it's the same stage really, just a different day. Lame.

Speaking of lame, the game DOES have enemies, but they'll piss you off more than the stupid level designs. The enemies are extremely cheap, as they will lead to ton of one-hit deaths. Combine that with the fact that there's only one life to get through the entire game, and you will be throwing that controller (or keyboard) against the wall pretty quickly. Enemies appear suddenly and move in weird patterns. The only way to kill them is by kicking them, but even that takes a certain amount of luck to actually perform.

You do get weapons sometimes, but they're so hard to use (as you have to go through the weird menu system to switch between weapons) that you won't even bother to use them normally. Another major fault is the end of level doors.. you need a key, but good luck actually finding one. Usually you just have to jump up and down until a key magically appears. Combine that with the worst controls imaginable for a platformer, and the cheap enemies, and you have one hell of a nightmare game on your hands.

It gets worse, though. I haven't even brought up the appalling graphics yet. You know, I can almost forgive a platformer for having dumb gameplay, but there is no excuse for the graphics featured in this game. Garfield looks like a droopy cat, like in the old comics. Too bad this game came out well after he got his updated look. The backgrounds are extremely distracting, which makes the platforming aspects of the game frustrating. And the enemy designs completely suck, as they all appear flat and are your typical crappy NES game enemy designs.

You will get fed up with the music you instantly hear it. It's the most horrific screechy MIDI I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Once you get past that title screen, the music gets even worse, though. There's only two in-level songs, and they keep replaying over and over every few seconds. It's extremely annoying, and I do often wonder what the developers were thinking when they inserted this music into the game. It's not even original, as this song could pass for 90 percent of the crap that came out in the NES era.

There's absolutely no reason to play, or replay, A Week in Garfield. It is one of the worst video games I have ever played, which is an absolute shame, because the Garfield license should have been used a lot better. First I find out about the appalling ALF game, then the horrific Home Improvement, now this piece of crap. Does the video game industry really hate me that bad?

If I ever find a Boy Meets World game, I'll know the answer to that.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/06/03

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