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"Legend of Kage was the same type of game..."

Legend of Kage... I remember that game being a semi-decent side scrolling adventure produced for the NES way back in 1988. Despite its several flaws, I enjoyed Legend of Kage. So how did Demon Sword fare compared to Legend of Kage? Well.. not so well, in my opinion. I just did not have a very fun time playing this game.

GRAPHICS (4.7/10)
The graphics are decent, and the game does feature lots of cool backgrounds. But the main character didn't look that good, and the enemy designs were just as wonderful as well :) And the backgrounds do get kind of distracting after a while, as well. Mainly because they are so colorful and vibrant. Well, not as colorful as the ones in Legend of Kage, and actually some of the stages do feature dark backgrounds which make some of the enemies harder to see. Oh well, some of the graphics here are okay, but overall the graphics are not that great, in my opinion.

MUSIC/SOUND (3.2/10)
I hated the music in this game. It was annoying tunes that they seemed to play for way too long. The Game Over music especially wasn't that good, in my opinion. Then, there are the sound effects. The sound effects were decent, I guess, but they weren't that great. At least they weren't as bad as the annoying and terrible music! Overall, pretty bad music and sound effects.

CONTROL (7.3/10)
The control in the game was okay but there were some problems. First of all, jumping is a chore in this game. Apparently, you can double jump, although double jumping is not as responsive as it should be. And trying to do anything else is absolute worst. There are absolute frustrating moments of gameplay, too, which is why I gave the control only a decent score.

GAMEPLAY (2.9/10)
Boring... Run through the stage, jumping, doing absolutely nothing. Every once in a while, you fight a boss. Yawn. This game suffers from the Sonic syndrome, which means there is no real depth in the stages. All you do is run through the stage. That's it. Where's the fun in that? Basically, I will now take you through a rundown of what I did in the first few stages: double jump, double jump, jump, jump, repeat a few more times, beat a boss, go to next level. Overall, its just not very fun.

Replay Value: Medium
Challenge: Medium

Overall (3.2/10)
I would rather play Legend of Kage, which was a fun game, than play Demon Sword.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/26/00, Updated 07/16/01

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