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"Help Mario get rid of some nasty viruses!!"

Whew, let me tell ya, Nintendo sure does put out those Mario games, huh? From Mario Party to Mario Kart, there is a lot of Mario related games out there. Back in 1991 or so, Nintendo released a pretty cool puzzle game called Dr. Mario. I dont think it sold too many copies, but I did get a copy of it for my birthday one year. It was a pretty fun game for its time, and had lots of replay value. it was so much fun trying to kill them dang viruses!! Anyways, even in my more advanced stages of life I still sit down and play the darn game (on ROM, I lost my copy of the game a few years back). Its still a fun and addictive game and a good choice for the millions (and millions!) of Mario game and puzzle game fans out there.

Graphics (7/10): The graphics in the game were very colorful, bright, and shall I say fun and interesting to look at. The background was just a black screen, but on the sides were a checkerboard like colorful design. It was cool. Anyways, the pieces were easily distingushable, and Mario looked cool.

Music/Sound (9/10): I like the cool, funky tune that plays in the game. It got a nice beat to it. You may think Im crazy for saying this, but I love that midi (I have it on my computer now) Anyways, the sound effects are good as well. Good audio effects.

Gameplay/Control (8/10): The game is a weird puzzle game, like Columns, but with an unique feature: little viruses that you have to kill. So basically not only do you have to get three of the same color lined up but you have to get it lined up on a same-colored virus!! The control is pretty good and works well with the game.

Replay/Challenge both (7/10)

Overall (8/10): Dr Mario is a fun and addictive puzzle game from Nintendo.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/00, Updated 07/16/01

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