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"Another great Disney game from Capcom"

The Disney series has always been one of the more interesting series in my opinion, whether you are talking about the video game series to the actual movies. My sister got me into the Disney movies a few years back, and I am actually a fan of a lot of them. I do like Mickey and Minnie Mouse too, but that has nothing to do with the reasons as to why I like Mickey Mousecapades so damn much.

When I lived in Maryland, my dad would take me and my two siblings up to New Jersey every so often. In New Jersey, we stayed at my aunt’s house, and my cousin had quite a few NES games. One of those games just happened to be a game called ''Mickey Mousecapades''. I really wanted to play it, so one day I sat down and played it, just for the hell of it. I did not expect it to be that good of a game.

However, once I started playing it, I noticed something. This was a really fun game! It is one of the better games I have played on the NES, that is for sure. The quality of the game play is unrivaled, as Capcom always did an amazing job porting the Disney series games over to the NES (with a rare exception in Duck Tales 2) and this game is no exception, as Capcom really did a great job with this game.

There really is no main story line to this game that I know of, so I will just discuss the basic story that I would assume is featured in the game. This is by no means an official story, however, as the game does nothing to develop any sort of story line during the game. It instead focuses on other things. Anyways, I assume that the actual story line in the game calls for Mickey and Minnie having to save the world or Dream World or heaven forbid a princess, or something like that. Well, I do know that they are indeed saving something ^_^.

The graphics in the game are some of the best I have seen in a Disney game yet. Now, I am not going to sit here and lie to you and say that these are the best graphics ever, because they most certainly are not the best graphics yet. But, the graphics are good and more than hold their own when compared to other games released in the same time frame that this game was. I really did feel that the graphics in the game were great, although they did have some basic problems.

I really enjoyed the backgrounds in the game, mainly because Capcom decided to make it a point to have the backgrounds be as simple as possible. Most of the backgrounds in the game are fairly simple and basic, which is very good because it does not detract from the actual game whatsoever. There is nothing more annoying then to have a game be completely unplayable just because the backgrounds are too bright, or something to that effect.

The enemy and character designs in the game are pretty damn good, and I will admit that they were better than what I expected. The variety of enemy designs featured in the game is really solid, and I feel that the enemies were well designed, and coupled with the fact there was a great variety of them, that the enemy designs in the game were overall nicely done.

The boss designs in the game are great, although most of them are fairly simple, even the final boss looks rather plain. They are not too large, however, which is always a good thing. The characters are Mickey and Minnie, and they look, well, just like Mickey and Minnie. Rejoice!

Music in the game is very good, and much better than I expected. You go into this game thinking the music is going to be very kiddy and annoying, primarily just because it is a Disney game. Well, I am proud to say that the music in the game was not annoying, in the least. Sure, there were some instances in which the music did not rise up to par, but that is only because I felt that Capcom could have included better music that fit the feeling of the stage perfectly. The only stage that I have a problem with when it comes to the background music is the forest stage, everything else is cool. I really like the boss theme in the game too and felt it was very well done, and it pumped the video game player up for the challenge ahead.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in the game are awesome, although I do not feel that they are completely worthy of my attention, because I did notice a few flaws in the sound effects area. Number one, the sound that occurs when your character is throwing the stars weapons at the enemy is rather annoying, to say the least. I was annoyed by that sound effect, and a couple of other sound effects (like the chandeliers crashing) also tended to get annoying after a while. But, it is no big deal because I was not completely annoyed and fed up with the sound effects in the game, which is always a good thing.

Now, let me discuss the control in the game real quick. When I first saw this game, I figured, how are they going to let this work with having only two buttons? Then I realized that one button was to jump, and the other one was to shoot your weapon and open the treasure chests, so my fears were put to rest when it came to the control issue. The control in the game really is pretty good, although it is not perfect (sometimes it will cause accidental deaths), it is still pretty good.

The actual game is a little bit more than your average action adventure game. Yes, most of the stages have you scrolling around, killing enemies, etc., but there is a little bit more to consider in a game like this. You also are forced to use your brain sometimes, so if you do not have a brain (this means you, King Broccoli), I advise you stay away from this game for the most part, because this is probably the second most complex Disney game. (Disney’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom rocks!).

The first thing you should realize is the fact you have to use ladders and stuff to map out complex mazes, in the first stage. The first stage has you in a fun house, which has you climbing through the various rooms, mapping out a complex maze. After a while, you finally get to the witch boss, and after getting by her you get the key which allows you to move onto the next stage. The rest of the stages are just as fun.

The one stage you have most fun with (well, the one stage I had most fun with, personally) is the stage which has you in a forest and has you going through trees in ways to moving to different places. This was one of the most fun stages in the entire game, although it was pretty challenging, as you would usually end up getting lost in the maze several times. Once you got used to it though, it was a really fun stage.

There is a flaw in the game, however, that I should point out. It is not a major flaw, but it is a control and basic game play aspect that I did not like. You control Mickey, so Minnie follows you around everywhere. The only problem is, you cannot actually control her! This is not a good thing at all, because what will end up happening is Minnie will fall severely behind, so you have to go back and bring her back up with you so you can get out of the screen. I was really annoyed by this, because sometimes you will finally get past a tough part, and then suddenly you will have to go back, get Minnie to follow you, then complete the tough part again.

That was a really disappointing part of the game, and perhaps the only major flaw I can find in an otherwise great game. One of the best parts about this game is the stage design, as the stages are very varied, and very fun to play through. The Minnie factor was a severe problem, however, and the game is very challenging. I did have a fun time playing through it, however. I just wish that they could have fixed some of the flaws in the game, but it is still a great game nevertheless.

You will want to replay through this game a lot, simply because it is so much fun to play. I really did have a fun time playing it, and I still own it and play it to this day, although I will admit I do not play this game as much as I used to. The reason for this is that it kind of got old on me, although I still consider it to be a great game. This is one of the best Disney games I have ever played, and there are a bunch of great Disney games out there. It really is a great game, with great replay value, although I will admit the fun grows old after a while.

This is a very challenging game, to say the least. The problem that I have with it is the stages are much too complicated for a idiot like me. Come on, this is a Disney game, and how in the heck is a Disney game supposed to be this challenging? I was generally annoyed by the challenge level of this game. It is always good when the game is challenging, but come on, this is a Disney game, little children are going to be playing it, I think it is best if you try to tune the challenge level of the game down a little bit.

Overall, this is another great Disney game by Capcom, so just go ahead and add it to the list. This is one of the more fun and better games out there, and I really had a blast playing through it. Don’t think it is going to be a disappointing game because it is a Disney game, because this is one of the best Disney games out there, and there are a lot of good Disney games out there. I really did have a fun time playing through it, even though it was kind of challenging for a Disney game. This is really a great game that is well worth purchasing. And that, my faithful readers, IS true!

Good Points
-This review is not as long and tedious as a King Broccoli review.
-This game is not as long and tedious as a King Broccoli review.
-This is one of the best Disney games out there.
-Mickey is in it! ^_^

Bad Points
-The challenge level of the game may be a little too much for small kids.
-The graphics do suffer through some slowdown.
-Minnie tends to cause you a lot of trouble throughout.
-Not a lot of Disney characters present. :(

Ratings Rundown
Storyline – Not Available
Graphics – 8.3/10
Music and Sound Effects – 8.6/10
Gameplay and Control – 9.2/10
Replay Value – A Little Above Average
Challenge – Way Above Average
Overall – 9.3/10
The Last Line: Have fun playing this game, young warrior.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/20/00, Updated 07/16/01

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