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Reviewed: 08/21/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Fun, after the first hour or so

I saw NES Play Action Football, brand new, at Toys R Us for $2.16. so i decided to pick up a copy of it. I got home, played it, and at first I hated the game. The angle of the field is weird, and the players moved very slowly. Also, the control wasn't that great as well. But once you get the hang of the game, and get used to the slow player movements, the game becomes semi-fun. But in the days of Tecmo Super Bowl and NFL Football is ''semi fun'' good enough? I don’t think so. This game is fun, but it doesn’t warrant a purchase (unless you get a good deal like I did)

I did get this game for a good deal, but that does not mean that I was completely satisfied with it, because I was not, in the least. It is an average game that suffers from a lot of major problems. However, it does have some good things to it. It may not be the best football game of all time, but it does have enough merits and good points to it, so you should at least try to check it out. I wouldn't recommend paying more than a dollar for it, though.

The graphics in the game are not that good, although they are better than some of the graphics I have seen in other NES football games, these are not that great by any stretch of the imagination. I will give Nintendo credit for making a pretty good graphical game, but this is by no means the perfect football game when it comes to graphics, although the good news is the fact you can actually see the ball and the players and tell them the part. That is always a good thing, in my opinion. ^_^

The actual view of the game is a 3/4 diagonal view, with the players moving in a diagonal direction, towards the northeast. This is not the best view I have ever seen, as I preferred the side scrolling view in the Tecmo Bowl series, but this is not a terrible thing, because the view in this game is okay, and it is not like the view takes anything from the actual game play, because it does not (the actual game play is a whole different story, however ^_^)

Music in the game is, for the most part, non existant, as there is not really much music featured in the game, at all. There is certainly not much music featured during the actual game play, because all you really get is the basic sound effects. Compare this to a game like Tecmo Super Bowl, which has full out music, and you can really tell the difference during actual game play. There is background music, but it is really terrible. Thankfully, it stops between plays.

Sound effects in the game are abysmal, even the referee sounds absolutely terrible. The referee tries his best to say simple words like ''first down'' but they are instead translated to be stuff like ''fish sticks'' or something. It sounds really funny, because his voice is all staticy and stuff. Really pay close attention to the referee's voice after a first down, you will hear what I am talking about. It is funny, but it got annoying.

Now, I will discuss the actual game play. First off, I will give you the good news in the game. The game has a NFLPA license, so you get all your favorite NFL players featured in the game (well, ones that played at the time of the creation of this game anyways), and the game is packed 8 teams which each had their own strengths and weaknesses. Cool, huh? It is cool in my book, that's for sure.

Then there is the great mutli player game. This section of the game absolutely rules, as this is one of the better multi player games out there, well at least when it comes to NES football games. There is the popular Tecmo Bowl series, which does provide more fast and fun multi player action, but this game is top notch as well, because it is so damn fun to play against your friends, I say friends because this is the only football game on NES (I think) that supports the Multitap Adaptor.

Now, I will discuss the (many) flaws of the game. It is cool that you can subsitute players during the game, but the fact of the matter is, it got really boring to do so after a while, because the menus that you needed to use to subsitute players were cumbersome and very hard to navigate. It got quite annoying to wade through all those menus after a while, and it was really confusing at first. After a while though, you got used to it. Not for a while, though.

Another huge flaw in the game is the speed of the players. I hate to keep on comparing this game to Tecmo Super Bowl, but just play both of them and see if you can notice a difference between the two. The players in Tecmo Super Bowl move a hell of a lot faster than they do in this game. I can see it taking in upwards of 2 and a half minutes just to run 90 yards for a touchdown (if that is even possible) and the filed is so wide. It is realistic, but come on, it is really hard to run for positive yardage in this game. It takes forever to pass the ball through the air too. That's why I do not like this game too much, although it is fun after you get used to the slow speeds.

You will want to replay through this game a few times, although it is not like this game has legendary replay value or anything, especially with other great and classic Football games out there on the NES (like you know what). The game is fun to play, and after you first play through it a few times you may want to play it some more. However, it is not like this game has incredible replay value, because it does not, to say the least. However, the game is fun to play for a while, and that is what really matters to me. I do not play this game anymore, but I did get it two years ago, so you be the judge of that.

This is a rather challenging game, for all of the wrong reasons. What are ''the wrong reasons''? First off, the game is challenging based on the fact that you will not want to try to beat it (this is a bad thing) because of the fact your players move way too slow. This is not a good thing at all, and the games will get rather challenging to play through because the computer opponent likes to tackle you left and right, and also the fact that you move like an inch an hour which increases the chances of you getting tackled. My largest run ever in this game is like 14 yards or something. Not too good, I hate to tell you.

Overall, this is a pretty decent game, although you will probably not enjoy it at first. I did not enjoy playing this game at first, but once I got used to the slow player speed, and the action picked up I got the hang of the game and I started to enjoy it, slightly. This is not on the level of a Tecmo Super Bowl but it is a decent choice, especially with multi player. It is not one of the greatest football games I have ever played, there is no doubt in my mind as to that, but come on, it is a decent choice for your football needs, especially when it comes to multi player, so it would be worth a purchase if you could find it cheap enough.

Good Points
-This is not as long and tedious as a King Broccoli review.
-NFLPA license increases the depth of the game.
-4 player football action, only football game on NES to support 4 players
-The graphics are decent, better than I expected.

Bad Points
-Don't let the secret out, but I am not King Broccoli.
-The player speed is horrendously slow.
-Disappointing music and horrible sound effects.
-The game is just not that fun to play.

Ratings Rundown
Story line - Not Available
Graphics - 6.3/10
Music and Sound Effects - 7.1/10
Gameplay and Control - 4.8/10
Replay Value - A Little Above Average
Challenge - A Very Challenging Game
Overall - 5.3/10
The Last Line: Your player moves slower than a snail on ice, but its a decent game anyways

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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