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Reviewed: 04/22/00 | Updated: 07/16/01


Wrestling. Everyone has their opinion of it. Some dont like it. Some like it. I happen to like it. I also enjoy a lot of the wrestling games that have appeared, from the old WWF European Rampage Tour on Amiga, to the more recent WWF Smackdown for Playstation. However, some of the wrestling games released just have not been very good. One of these games, Tag Team Wrestling, was released by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System way back in the early 80's/late 90's. It really is a terrible game that should be avoided like a boy band song. Anyways, enough yapping, on with my review!

Graphics (1.2/10)
Are these even suppose to resemble anything close to reasonable graphics? These graphics are TERRIBLE! First off, the whole look of the game is screwed up. The horribly mismatched colors and other stuff really do not lend itself well to the game. The wrestlers look like potatos and turds more than actual wrestlers. The backgrounds are basically a green ring with brown outline that looks really, really terrible. Ugh. Overall, these graphics look like a six year old drew them.

Music/Sound (0.3/10)
Ladies and gentlemen, now entering the ring, weighing 4 pounds, 6 ounces, the opitome of how not to do audio work in a game. This music and sound effects just plain suck. First off, the music is terrible. It has a weird beat to it that just did not fit well with the rest of the game (not that the rest of the game was any good anyways...). Sound effect wise, Ive heard better on the Atari 2600. Overall, the sound effects are pretty rotten, and the music is just plain terrible.

Gameplay/Control (0.6/10)
Let me start off this section by puking for even remembering about this game. Now that that's over with, the control in this game is terrible. The NES controller does not lend itself well to a wrestling game to begin with, but they really messed up the controls in this game. Gameplay wise, id rather eat raw sewage than play this game again. Nothing in this game even resembles fun at all. I have had more fun playing Barbie with my 10 year old sister than playing this game. The control is so bad, you won't even find out how to walk around! The moves are very hard to pull off, making the challenge level extremely high. Overall, the gameplay is rather bad and the control makes you suffer because you won't be able to pull off the simplest of moves. It really is a shame too, because this could have been a good game, if Tecmo had put the time and effort into making a good game. And that is the bottom line...

Replay Value: Very Low
If you like this game, may I recommed a good therapist?

Challenge: Very High
The most challenging part is figuring out why you're playing this game.

Overall (0.2/10)
<insert Heroes of the Lance comment here>

And that's the bottom line, because SMcFadden said so!
''Is that a turd, a potato, Janet Reno, or a wrestler?''

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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