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"Cowabunga action, the way it was meant to be!"


When my cousin first bought TMNT 2: The Arcade Game, I was thrilled with how much better it was than the original. This
game is decidedly different from the first in the series, and in my opinion, its a lot better as well. The first game was a
quasi-platformer, where you could change your Turtle being used at any time. The game was okay but in my opinion didn't
live up to the legacy of the TMNT name. TMNT is more suited for the series because its a side scroller beat em up in the
reins of Mighty Final Fight and Double Dragon. Overall, I liked the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game somewhat, but I felt that the gameplay in its sequel is more suited for the series.

Graphics (8.3/10)

The graphics were pretty good and looked as good as the arcade version (so I hear, I never played the arcade version). The backgrounds were pretty good and detailed and the enemies were designed very nicely. Unfortunately, there
were two major problems with the game, those dreaded words: slowdown and flash. See, the game isn't cpaable of handling
more than three enemies on screen at one time, and any more causes some severe slowdown (try doing a jump kick on an
enemy and your Turtle will move in slow motion... Its very frustrating) Other than this flaw (which was thankfully corrected in the sequel, TMNT 3) the game's graphics are very good.

The character designs in the game were awesome, as each of the turtles looked just like their TV and comic book counterparts. The enemy designs were also great, especially some of the boss designs (like the infmaous Shrdder and his ''helpers'' Bebop and Rocksteady. I personally enjoyed some of the backgrounds in the game, for instance the Technodrome in the game looks outstanding, and the cut scenes are also very well done.

Overall, the graphics in the game may not be perfect, and the graphics may be better in the later games in the series, but overall the graphics are still great!

Music/Sound (8.3/10)

As usual, in the first stage you get that classic TMNT music. The music is very good in the game, and is varied from stage to stage. The sound effects are outstanding as well, very good for a NES game. The kicks sound like they're connecting, etc. Great audio effects from the classic NES.

Music in the game is great, as the game features all the classic Turtles music (for instance, the music in the 3rd stage) but also features new and unique tracks that sound wonderful. The music in the game mostly uses a guitar beat which is great in my opinion because I feel the guitar beat of the music really fits the feeling of the game. It is much better than a drum beat, in my opinion. Overall, the music in the game is pretty good, and I love the classic music remixes that Konami implemented into the game.

Sound effect wise, the sound effects in the game are awesome, as everything sounds just like it is supposed to. A good example of this is in the first stage, where the giant bowling balls roll down the stairs. They sound just like giant bowling balls rolling down the stairs. Overall, the sound effects in the game are fantastic!

Overall, I love the music and sound effects in this game!

Gameplay/Control (9.5/10)

The control is very good, it is very easy to perform jump kicks and other attacks. The gameplay is outstanding. The game is a side scroller beat em up, which is more suited for a TMNT game than the platformer action in the first game. You basically go through each stage, beating up on enemies varying from Mousers to Foot Soldiers. The stages are very varied as well. Stage 1 you're in a burning building. In stage two, you're in the streets of Manhattan. The rest
of the stages range from a snowy central park (in spring!) to the dreaded technodrome.

The only reason the gameplay doesn't get a 10 is that there's no real reason to choose one Turtle from another because you can't perform any special moves. Nitpicking aside, this game features great gameplay and control.

Overall, I love this game so much more than I did the first game in the series, because I think this kind of gameplay is much more suited for the TMNT series. Add to this the fantastic controls of the game and you have a great game!

High and Low Points of the Game

Best Features:Great graphics, awesome music and sound effects, a decent challenge, and the gameplay is much more suited for the series.

Worst Features:The replay value in the game could be higher, and there is really no reason to select one Turtle from another (besides personal preference)

Other Important Scores

Replay Value (Medium)

Okay, but there's so much other TMNT games out there so you might not be as inclined to play this game.

Challenge (Medium)

Decent challenge, it will take you a few tries to beat it.

Fun Factor (9.7/10)

This game was on par to get a score of 10 before a few things killed it: slowdown, flash, and lack of special moves. Other than that, this is a classic game that belongs in your NES game (and it only cost 2 bucks!!)

Overall (9.6/10)

With outstanding graphics, amazing music and sound effects, and classic gameplay, this game is a must own, especially for Turtle fanatics like me! And that's a SMcFadden guarantee!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/04/00, Updated 07/16/01

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