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"Fun little party game"

A few years back, before I got my Playstation, my friends and I would challenge each other to various NES games. One of the most fun times I have ever had in terms of multiplayer madness is Town and Country Surf Designs. The thing I remember a lot about this game is all the different gameplay modes there was. There were (that I can remember) at least 3 different modes.

1st mode: Skateboarding
This probably was the most fun mode out of them all, in my opionion. My friends and I would try to beat each other's scores in this mode. This mode was very challenging, but not due to the control. The main difficulty with this game was the fact that there was so much enemies and other avoidable stuff in the stages. Like oil puddles, barrels, and more. But once we remembered the patterns, it became much easier to play. Overall, this was probably the most fun mode in the game.

2nd mode: Surfing
Well, unfortunately, this mode wasn't as fun as the skateboarding one. The main problem here was that it was very confusing and the control was very bad. I was unable to really get into this mode because I ahd no clue as to what i was supposed to do! Oh well. This surfing thing was okay though, just not my kind of fun.

Now on with the review....

Graphics (8.4/10)
The graphics in T & C: Surf Designs were definetly well done. First off, the backgrounds were very well done and chock full of variety. Secondly, the character designs were unique and well done. Third and lastly, the game just had a certain look to it that appealed to me. Overall, this game has very good graphics.

Music/Sound (9.2/10)
The music in this game was very well done, I still remember the classic music of the skateboarding stages in the game. And as I said in my Starship Hector review, If i can remember the music of an old NES game, then the music must be pretty damn good. Sound effects are good as well. Overall, great music and decent yet somewhat uninspiring and unoriginal sound effects.

Replay Value
High, especially when skateboarding multiplayer style!


Overall (9.2/10)
One of the better multiplayer games I have ever played. Its also a fun single player experience.

''Steve, you know you cannot beat my time in the skateboarding mode.''

Five minutes later...

''Steve, I should have never underestimated you!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/21/00, Updated 07/16/01

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