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"The online mode makes it worthy of a purchase"

One of the first real memorable real time strategy games, EVER. Warcraft II. The game has you as either the Orcs or Humans battling for world dommination. Each side has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Graphics-8/10-What can I say, the people look like little cartoons. It sort of fits the game though. there's also a little bit of cartoony blood. The cut scenes are pretty detailed though, a nice mix of light and textures, so no complaining there.

Story line-10/10-It's a blizzard game, how could it ever be a blizzard game without an excellent story line? It basically goes like this: The Orcs have come from an unknown land, through the ''Dark Portal'' to try to take over the land of Azeroth (Where the humans live) The humans fight back....and depending on which race you are playing as, the story will differ, I won't spoil anything for you though.

Gameplay-10/10-What more could you possibly want in gameplay? You move around the entire map with the mouse, you click on buildings, if they can do anything, then an icon will appear and you can research new skills or train new recruits. You can select up to nine units at a time and assign them to hotkeys, so you can send an entire army in one attack.

Characters-There's not a whole lot of choice in this section. You can be either the orcs or Humans, they are both almost exactly the sam except different characters, and a few different researches and stats. Every unit of the Humans has a replica in the Orc catagory

Human-Humans can be considered the ''Good guys''of the game, they are composed of a combination of actual humnas, elfs, dwarfs, etc. Brave knights and palatines along with foot infantry are basically the only attackers the Huamns have. They DO have gripphon riders though, elfs riding giant birds doesn't seem like a great attack, but they are one of the best, except for the fact that they cost ALOT and can almost never hit there target exactly.

Orcs-Instead of knights and palitines, the orcs have Ogres and mages, and instead of gripphons, dragons. The Orcs are basically a race of trolls, bent on doing evil. - This mode makes the purchase of the game worthy, in my opinion, It adds infinate replay value. You get online, you connect to the server and you can instantly play against people from all over the world. You may lose some battles, but on the other hand, you might win some as well. The only drawback is that there's only two races. It can get boring if they do the exact same types of buildings. Then, of course, there's ''hackers'' Most of them, don't be deserved to be called a hacker. They download programs and use them while playing. My saying, is that if you need a cheat (of any kind) to beat a game, you shouldn't be playing the game in the first place.

Rent/Buy-BUY unless you totally dispise RTS games, the this is a must buy. Even if you don't like the genre, then at least give it a rent, you owe it at least that. There's also a lot of added replay value with the and modem mulitplayer options. They'll keep you playin it for quite some time, plus it's free!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/30/01, Updated 07/31/03

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