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"Blizzard has created another masterpeice!"

Introduction-Starcraft, Starcraft, Starcraft, ah yes, STARCRAFT! The single best Real Time Strategy game, ever!. This game has you playing as 1 of 3 alien life forms, trying to rid the universe of the other 2. There are the terrens, the zergs, and the protoss, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Graphics-9/10-Great. I see nothing wrong them at all except in some cases, there could have been a bit more colour. There are many beautiful cut scenes that show no visible flaws IMO.

Storyline-10/10-Basically, there are 3 storylines, one for the terrens, one for the zergs, and one for the galaxy of the zerg, and later, the protoss step in to stop it. There are many ''Heros'' (Main characters) Which may have special abilities or more HP, etc.
protoss. For example, the terrens are trying to rid the
Sound/Music-9/10-Well, I usually don't play with the music on because i enjoy the sound effects so much more. The zergs might have some of the most impressive sound effects of all. Although they do sound gross, they DO have good effects, so I must give credit where credit is due. All of the characters have a little bit of speech, not that much though, maybe 3 different things each.

Gameplay-10/10-I absolutely LOVE the gameplay. You must move the mouse to move the screen around, click on the buildings that you want to go to, then choose an option that that building can do, train new members for your army, research new attacks,etc. To move lots of men, click, hold down, and drag over the men. You will then be able to move them all at once. 12 at a time to be exact. Using hotkeys, you can move up to 122 units almost all at once!

Characters-In this section, the 3 main races will be explained. First we have the terrens:

Terrens- better know as humans. They have advanced technology. They have droids that go out and collect minerals for them, and they've learned the secret of space travel. Terrens are more for beginers than anything else, although they CAN be used by expert players.

Zerg-Almost like an infestation of bugs. The zerga mutate into more advanced structures or creatures. They can infest infantry of other races and use them at their own advantages. Zergs are for a medium skilled players.

Protoss-The big, bad protoss. The strongest of the 3, but also the slowest building, the Protoss are for an expert player. They have special ''pylons'' that must be built near buildings, other wise, the building can't be built.

Rent/Buy-BUY! This game is a must have for everyone that owns a PC, great game. If you have ever played Warcraft, then you have an idea of how good this game is. It is 10x better than Warcraft.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/21/01, Updated 07/31/03

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