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Reviewed: 07/05/02 | Updated: 07/05/02

Warcraft III takes Real-Time Strategy to the next level!

Blizzard has been renowned world wide for its excellent strategy games. Even since the days of Warcraft I, Blizzard has been a company to remember. When Warcraft II was released, gamers experienced something new...a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) with a story, deep gameplay, and ingenuity! StarCraft took this and expanded it to a new world, raising the bar for RTS's to an entire new level...and Warcraft III raises it again.

Gameplay (9/10)--Warcraft III has an extremely enticing Single Player that makes you want to keep playing. Elaborate videos and movies show Blizzard's amazing graphics (which I will get to later), and the in-game cut scenes expand the story immensely. Blizzard made sure that you do not get bored doing the same style of mission over and over again as you see in many games. You do everything from, search and rescue to defend your base to destroy the enemy forces and more. Optional side-quests during a mission only increase the gameplay. You can also set up custom games against the computer to try out new skills, test yourself, or simply get a feel for the game. However, the computer is quite challenging, and there is no option to change the difficulty level. This is where gameplay loses its point. Also, the new hero feature adds a brand new element of the game, that enforces micro-management, rather than just massing units and attacking. Gamers should enjoy it quite a lot! But of course, Blizzard allows you to connect to and play against real opponents. The Play Game feature allows you to play against people your own skill level and makes playing online much more enjoyable. You can also connect directly to friends and play that way.

Story (9.5/10)--For an RTS, Warcraft III features an elaborate storyline that is sure to please. Your missions are not simply for nothing; each one of them progresses the massive storyline, spanning 4 races and 28 chapters. A huge tale unfolds as you play the game, and this draws you in farther and farther. The story is not lacking in many parts; it has tales of deceit, war, and of course, a bit of love. Plot twists are not lacking, and this makes the entire game like an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Graphics (10/10)--From the very first trailer I saw, the graphics in Warcraft III are amazing. The FMV's are the best I have seen on a computer game in quite a while. They are easily better than that of Final Fantasy X, which is well known for its amazing graphics. The in-game cut scenes are not spectacular, but they are very good for the purpose they serve. People do not move in blocky fashion, and flow throughout the game. Even the gameplay graphics are amazing, every unit and building is done with precision and glory. Perhaps the only downside to this is it creates a very long load time, but it is well worth it. The graphics of Warcraft III are, in a single word, PERFECT.

Sound (9/10)--Warcraft III also features some amazing musical scores. Each piece of music fits the situation of the game perfectly, and the background music for basic games is very nice. Blizzard made sure that the music adds to the game, rather than simply annoying you. You will never find yourself with low volume while playing Warcraft III. The sound effects are very nice as well. The battle sounds are quite realistic, and the character voices are done very well. And of course, Blizzard has added the 'poking' messages from when you click on a unit repeatedly. You can do it for hours; the sayings are memorably and extremely funny.

Replayability (10/10)--I can play this game all day. Between the immense single player and online play, Warcraft III never seems to stop pleasing. With the map editor, you can create new challenges for yourself, and basically, do anything you can possibly conjure up for the game. Even once you've beaten all of the single player missions, you find yourself coming back to try it faster, or to complete every sidequest, or find new areas you never noticed. Like StarCraft, Warcraft III should be keeping people playing for years and years to come!

Overall (9.5/10)--I would put that up as my final score, but alas, there are no fractions. Anyway, Warcraft III is an excellent game. People who liked StarCraft should be quite pleased with Warcraft III, heck, anyone who likes games should be pleased with it. There are very few flaws with the game, and I'm sure Blizzard can come up with some sort of patch for them. Also, if you have a chance to pick up the Warcraft III soundtrack or cinematic DVD, pick them up. They are very nice addition to your collection :). So, BUY WARCRAFT III! You will not be disappointed!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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