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"George and Nico return in 3D!"

George and Nico have returned to solve even more mysteries. But this one is far deadlier. With new 3D graphics and control system, can the world be saved?

Again George and Nico have been separated. It has been several years since their previous adventure. During that time George has become a layer making patents. Nico is still in her dead end job as a journalist. Strange weather and seismic activity is also making headlines.

One day, Nico goes to interview a man in Paris who claims that the world is going to end. When she arrives he is dead. Meanwhile George is flying to visit a man who wants him to write a patent on his new invention. However the plane he is travelling in crashes. These events could lead to something major.

This is an interesting change to the old games. The control system means that you move George and Nico directly and use 4 action keys. These keys are also used in events where you have to dodge things, or perform tasks quickly. George and Nico can now climb and jump around and over many obstacles. But only with the help of trusty commonly appearing crates.

The puzzles are based more on speed and stealth than logic in this new adventure. The new game system means that one-minute you can be chatting to BBC presenters in Glastonbury and the next minute you could be inside an abandoned theatre. But by fare the best thing is that old characters and items will re-appear, bringing with them memories of the previous games.

Broken Sword 1 and 2 had great 2 graphics. This one has great 3D graphics. The characters are all realistic, but they do have a hint of there animated past. A good example of this is shown on the game box. The cut-scenes look even more like cartoons however. But they still look great. There are a few minor glitches in the faces of the characters however. Nico’s hair acts strangely in several cut-scenes.

If you have good speakers then it will be the best thing you have heard in a long while. The soundtrack is similar to ones in the previous game. But the vocals are far more advanced. Georges amusing anecdotes will make you laugh, as will Nico’s replies to them. The accents are even better. Only one character in the game has an out of place voice.

This game took men 10 hours to complete, and I am playing it again. There is very little by the way of completion bonuses. But just the joy of the game will make you do it again.

I give this game 9/10. It would get 10, but through most of the game there is a slight sense of dread that many find addictive, but I don’t. I recommend this to fans of the previous game. But don’t worry if you have not played the previous ones. George recollects on p previous adventures and there is a helpful section at the main menu to fill you in on the previous games and tell you about other factors of the adventure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/25/04

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