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"Better than the Jurassic Park Movies!"

Chaos Island is a RTS based on the Jurassic Park movies. It is great fun and very exciting. You start off as a research team on the island from the first movie. After two tutorial levels you move on to the island from the movie The Lost World. However disaster strikes and your team is forced to fight through 8 levels to escape.

The levels of this game begin with you selecting characters from the movie or nameless research assistants, from a select amount of resources. You are required to build a base and are given a task to complete that will get you closer to rescue. However hunters whom are far worse than in the movies are trying to kill you, and wild and hunter tamed dinosaurs roam around, many of which also have a desire to do damage. However all is not lost. You can steal dinosaur eggs and raise a dinosaur army of your own. Resources can be stolen from hunter drop-off points or found lying around the map. The levels in this game can take a while to complete, but getting a game over is not common. The controls are similar to may other RTS games like it.

This game looked good when it came out, but now it is very dated. The Character Sprites are very detailed as are the dinosaurs and level environments. But this was back when it was new, these also show signs of dating. The actors that played them in the movie do the voices of the characters as well. The background music and sound effects sound quite tinny, but this is barley noticeable.

The story of the game was explained in the intro. The game does have scenes from the movie. These include the Game Trail, T-Rex nest, Jurassic parks gate and the visitors centre. Some of the levels are made up, but others are loosely related to the movie.

Play time:
This game lasted me for years on and off. It is quite easy to finish; the levels are a decent size making for fun exploration. But still after completing it many times the AI suddenly throws up a change in what the enemy does and the wild dinosaurs.

I give this game 9/10. It may not seem so good-looking now but it is still one of my most treasured games. It is very engrossing and fun to play, raising pre-historic armies will keep war preferring RTS fans happy, where as others prefer to set up a great research base and go off exploring. I think this game should be given a try… If you can find it anywhere!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/03

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