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"If you have a good PC then this could be a wonderfull game"

Since the dawn of time men and animals have fought, for different reasons and in different ways. This game chronicles the last 500 years of human history. It lets you control 3 major historical figures, and allows you to fight immense battles

The game interface is much like your average RTS game. It’s almost identical to ''Empire Earth''. Stainless Steel studios previous production. It is also very similar to AoE 2.The camera controls how ever are harder to use. You can rotate and zoom in a similar way to ''Black and White'' You can zoom out over the environment or right up to a man's face. (Or a misshapen block if your graphics setting is low.) The game also features a standard map editor and a great random map mode. In random map mode the computer opponents and allies have good AI. They put everything to good use. I nearly crashed my computer as 3 huge battles were going on at once on the highest graphics.

This is the games biggest success, but it could be your downfall. If you have a beast of a machine. (Like the one I am playing this game on). You can enjoy the environments of the game. You can use the camera and zoom up to a pair of fighting swordsmen. You can watch hordes of cavalry fly by. Or you can focus the camera on an aircraft, and follow it over the map, with a vicious land battle raging below. However be warned, the minimum specs are the minimum specs. Do even think of using anything less that that. Another nice touch is the Intro scenes. I think they use the games engine, and they really show how good it can be.

This game has a nice soundtrack that changes from peace filled harmony to dramatic battle music. The SFX can be nice, but in a huge battle than can get really annoying. Hundreds of groans, bangs and clashing sounds really annoy your ears.

I explained much of the story earlier on. But I did not mention that there are 3 campaigns to undertake. You can choose to fight as general Patton against the Nazi army. Defend Korea in the 1500’s as Admiral Yi. Or help Richard the Lion heart solve his many conquest problems.

I have found that the campaign mode is really annoying so I have quickly got bored of that, however creating huge battles in the editor, and building empires in random map mode will keep the fun going forever.

I have given this game 8/10. You can find this game for quite cheap, even though it’s a relatively recent release. It is a good buy if you can find it cheap. If not, and you want something like this then I recommend waiting for Rome Total War. This game is a wonderful thing, provided you have a powerful computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/02/04

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